Posted by: reformbama | November 18, 2011

The Gospel

The Gospel, the TRUE GOSPEL, is what this site was suppose to be all about. Oh it’s in some of the posts but I fear I did not give the Gospel the prominence It deserves. I hope I have been used to get, if anything, the problem with altar calls and the you will not find it in the Bible sinner’s prayer across to people. Those two things are a scourge. I know first hand the problems that line of thinking causes. Let not forget the idea that you can live your live as a carnal Christian. New creature mean anything to you? This is the last post for me here at Reformed In Bama. I was going to delete it but was convinced otherwise. I have found a more than capable person to moderate this blog  for me. I do not intend to return unless Matt Pitt makes a visit here.

I am going to end my last post with this:


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