Posted by: reformbama | December 3, 2011

Oh my, what have I done?

I come back from my self imposed blogging time out and what did I do….

Yes, that’s right, I opened a can of worms. With a little prompting of my beautiful wife.

I posted a FaceBook status about knowing, well what I think, the root cause of Charles Spurgeon’s depression. I said it was terrible/false teachers. The Warren’s, Beth Moore’s, Rob Bell’s and Rob Bell’s of the world. I could make the list longer but I will refrain from that. I think the depression from my “friend” Charles was due also to the fact that many people out there have unteachable hearts. People that have a hard time facing the truth because it takes them away from what is comfortable. That my friends is just plain depressing. When you see alot of it and deal with the poor attempts of the biblically ignorant to defend the circus church it will eat at you.

I am claiming to be a prophet or anything like that but from what I see that is happening in most churches today and the direction this country is going in, I feel the church is going to get a big dose of purging before we see any kind of significant revival. I mean just look at most churches today, those ran like corporations and doing all the carnal things to attract people and the continuation of carnal things to keep them. It gets worse with every passing year. People are all about their opinion and not the Word. Opinion and survey ran churches.

Soon we will see who the true brothers and sisters are in Christ. When Obama got elected it showed how bad/far this country has fallen from it’s intended purpose.


That’s all for now.


Can. Open. Worms. Everywhere.


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