Posted by: reformbama | December 7, 2011

Sugar Coated Poison

“It is not sufficiently realized by many of the Lord’s own people that far more harm than good is likely to be done by immature “Gospellers”, who have more zeal than knowledge, and who expect to reap a harvest (secure “results”) before the ground is ploughed and harrowed. Many an ignorant evangelist has given his hearers the impression that once they “accept Christ as their personal Savior” they need have no concern about the future, and thousands have been lulled into a fatal sleep by the soothing lullaby “once saved, always saved”. To imagine that if I commit my soul and its eternal interests into the hands of the Lord henceforth relieves me of all obligation, is to accept sugar-coated poison from the father of lies.” —A. W. Pink (1886–1952)

Taken from “The Doctrine of Election



  1. Preach it!!

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