Posted by: reformbama | December 18, 2011

Foolish Galatian Winner Is – Rev. John McCausland

I do not know how well this post will turn out. My attention span has become shorter than that of a gnat. I don’t enjoy blogging anymore but I will continue on for the sake of my one rabid fan and the other fan only because I am married to her. Let’s get this one done.

As many of you may know I hate what Christmas has become. It is all about gift giving and receiving and going into debt and decorating our homes with stuff from pagan traditions. I have been there done that. Some people out there will take what I said as that I hate them or putting them down. I don’t. Truth stings a little bit and the way I write does not ease the sting one bit.

If we look through Scriptures and read about the first and LAST Christmas we do not read anything about receiving gifts or giving gifts to other people. The only one that received a gift of any kind was Christ and that was about TWO years later. There is only one gift worth anything and that was/is Christ. Contrary to popular beliefs it is not for ALL but for the elect, those adopted. Those led to Son by the Father. The way Christmas is celebrated today comes from pagan roots. A yearly event called Saturnalia. All of you Christians that get upset over the pagans saying “Happy Holiday’s” instead of “Merry Christmas” to you just need to realize that the pagans are just reclaiming their holiday that the Roman Catholics took from them.

Now for the foolish Galatian

I read an article in my local paper called “Parents, pastors wrestle with place of santa at Christmas”. To which I say “That should not be an issue”. Santa should have zero place in Christmas. There is CHRISTmas but no SANTAmas. How did we forget that we serve a jealous God? What do we think we are doing sharing the day our Great Hope was born on (not anywhere the real date) with a fictional magic using character called Santa Clause. Many of you have a problem with Harry Potter but not Santa clause.

Now onto the foolish Galatian. I am going to post just a little bit and hopefully you will see what I am talking about.

When the Rev. John McCausland crafted his Christmas Eve sermon at his Episcopal church in Weare, N.H., he always followed a basic formula.

There had to be a brother and a sister in the story. Jesus and the holy family played a prominent role. And there was always an appearance from Santa Claus.

“If we never mention Santa Claus, then you create a parallel universe,” said McCausland, who retired in June. “What I try to do in this story is to tie the two together, but not make Santa Claus primary.”

Need I say more? You can go here to read the whole story.




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