Posted by: reformbama | December 20, 2011

The Atheist Got One Thing Right.

First for any atheist that may run by here and think I support you on your hate toward us Christians, I DON’T. You can have all your pagan traditions back and I am sorry that the Roman Catholics stole your holiday. And you are welcome. For what you might ask. For living in a country that was founded on Christian  moral values in which you benefit from.

BTW, If I were an atheist I would be afraid/ashamed to tell anyone that I was scared of a little baby in a manger and of God you say does not exist. You need to stop and ask yourself “Why am I afraid and “offended” by something not real.

Now to what the atheist got right –  Solstice is the reason for the season. We high jacked saturnalia because the RCC was scared of the heathens and fond of compromise. I am sure the RCC also found a way to gain money from it. However in your mocking of the Nativity you made the same mistake as many Christians do, the wise men did not show up until about 2 years after the birth.

And to my brothers and sisters out there. I am not against the celebration of Christ’s birth, for without that He could not have led the perfect sinless life and then die as a perfect sacrifice for the elect. I am against all the clutter we have put around it. It all takes away from the event.

Go here to check out the atheist nativity scene. Those poor lost souls. Pray for them to be saved. If you do, that makes you a Calvinist.

If you comment, think REAL hard before you do. And support it with Scripture. Message Paraphrase and NLT does not count.



  1. “Why am I afraid and “offended” by something not real.”

    Ah. that IS the question isn’t it?

    Excellent observations.

    • Also, If these people want to be “free from religion”, why do they keep poking their noses in it? You would think they would ignore it instead of continually stirring up the pot.

      • I was listening to some pastor turned atheist on Laura Ingram’s talk show yesterday. One stupid thing he said about Nativity’s on government property was that they scared atheist and said they may not go into the courthouse that has one because they would feel unwelcome.

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