Posted by: reformbama | December 26, 2011

Open Letter To Church Leaders Who Are

Gripping and giving people a hard time for not going to church this past Christmas Sunday. One went as far to say that those that did not attend were breaking the the first six commandments.

I think we should be in church, in corporate worship as much as we possibly can. You are not damned to hell if you don’t go. Some people know from their own attitudes and and their hearts that if they go on some Sundays it would be mocking to God. See past posts on worship. This pastor has said it, the pastor he serves under has said it and many of the other pastors out there have said it. Said what you ask. Said this “The church is not a building it is a community of believers” they also go on how important family is. And if your family are all members of the body of  Christ, one day not under the authority of church leadership is not going to harm. Yet they have a problem with people spending time with family they never get to see.  Taking one day from church to spend time with family that you never get to see and fellowship with them is not breaking commandments. You don’t have to be in a certain building at a certain time to worship. Why don’t ya’ll get rid of all your pagan decorations and trees before ya’ll start talking about breaking commandments.

In your posts and articles y’all may have been addressing  the nominal’s and those that think they are in the Body of Christ. Ya’ll need to more specific in your accusations and condemnation of people. Blanket statements are not a good thing.  If I had any real feelings they may have been hurt.

Saw one comment on FaceBook that torqued me “True believers will be in church every Sunday”. Really?



  1. I didn’t see any of that floating around facebook but I did see a lot of churches that called off Sunday services because it was a “holiday”. Seriously?

    And once when we were in a “mega-church”, Christmas fell on Sunday. The pastor told children they could bring some of their quiet toys to play with and we didn’t have to “dress up” (whatever that meant since the usual attire was blue jeans and t-shirts). The “sermon” was about 15 minutes and more about personal Christmas traditions than the birth of Jesus. Even back then, I thought something was just not right with that. 🙂

    • I can see where they have a problem with churches closing, they should never close on a Sunday.

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