Posted by: reformbama | January 7, 2012

Do we just ignore it and ….

…. continue to talk in a round about matter about it, like this post will be like, for the most part I hope.

I love the Pyromaniacs blog. Outstanding content, written by three of the smartest guys I know. I always post their link on my FaceBook page. The other morning Dan Phillips did one of his incredible NEXT! posts. I was running out of time before I had to go to work and did not get a chance to link it on FB. Then later in the day I got some very grave news. That post touched on that news, and in the comments of that post to explain the NEXT post better, Dan linked to this. I was sent on ride on a emotional and thinking roller coaster, and it has not slowed down a bit.

I am surprised at the way I am processing this news, I am not reacting like I normally would. I would love to say more about this, but out of regards of others I refrain from doing so. I may have said too much as it is. My close friends let me know if I have and I will kill this post.

If you go to the links make sure you READ them and READ through the comments. Because many of you have zero reading comprehension skills and will miss the point Dan Phillips is making.

Any trolls that comment on this post will be hunted down. So don’t bother. You will not make it past the moderator.


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