Posted by: reformbama | January 24, 2012

James MacDonald and TGC

Well if any of you have been following the Elephant room fiasco. Well James MacDonald has resigned from TGC. Dan the Man Phillips has written a great post on it. I see the same stuff, but I just can’t write worth a flip.

Here is an excerpt from the post mentioned. You can go read the rest of it here.

Perhaps you’re new to these parts and unfamiliar with the expression. I invented the term “Leaky Canoneer” to denote the person who formally says that he affirms the completeness, inerrancy, and closed nature of the Biblical canon, but who informally gives the lie to that profession. How? By asserting that God

  1. …continues to speak
  2. …directly…
  3. …and quotably (or at least paraphrasably)…
  4. …to him…
  5. apart from Scripture.
I’ve come at this dozens of times from dozens of angles, both here and at Pyro and elsewhere.

Today’s sally is brought to you courtesy of James MacDonald. You’ll forgive me for letting you do your own research for links and specifics; we at Pyro (but not we alone) have been pretty much on top of the situation, and sometimes ahead of the curve. Two of my favorite Tree Falling in the Forest posts were on the topic (this and this).

But anyway, James MacDonald decided to feature well-known modalist and word-faith preacher T. D. Jakes as a “Christian leader” on his Elephant Room show. A firestorm of very appropriate concern and criticism arose. MacDonald responded alternately by chest-thumping, backtracking, then more chest-thumping. Many wondered how this guy could be associated with The Gospel Coalition while seeming to be relatively unconcerned about, you know, the gospel.


  1. The word of faith movement is now accepted as mainstream evangelical Christianity. Of course Steven Furtick (sp?) is also in cahoots with the Elephant Room discussions. He has been hosting a 12 day “revival” with T.D. Jakes as one of the speakers. Of course Furtick has also stated that Joel Osteen is a “great man of God”. Heresy abounds, and is embraced as truth.

  2. TD Jakes isn’t word of faith. People throw that word out way too frequently. He does not preach “name it or claim it” or “little gods”, like Hagin and Copeland. Just because somebody is Pentecostal or charismatic does not make them “word of faith”.

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