Posted by: reformbama | January 28, 2012

Book Reviews


Sorry if the title misled you and you thought this was a book review, just could not think of another title for this post.

Tim Challies did a post on book reviews by others than himself. Here is one review he posted.

Real Marriage by Mark and Grace Driscoll – review by Susan Wise Bauer. “A misunderstanding of history, like sloppy exegesis, isn’t exactly unusual in evangelical literature. Despite these flaws, and a few too many condescending remarks about emotional and fragile females, Real Marriagecontains quite a lot of thoroughly helpful material. ‘If you are married, you will have conflict,’ the Driscolls conclude. ‘You cannot avoid it because marriage is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person …. Sin is the problem. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer.’”

I have problem that review. Besides it being written by Driscoll, I would never recommend it. Why? Look at the first sentence. The reviewer tells us about the misunderstanding of history and sloppy exegesis in the book and then tells you of the “thoroughly helpful material”  There are too many good solid all around books out there that deal with marriage. This is like recommending The Purpose Driven Drivel Life just because it has some good points.

Books like that may be read by discerning people like myself that can weed through the crap and not be misled. I don’t read books like that. Why would you when there are better books to read. Sadly most of those books are written by dead people.


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