Posted by: reformbama | April 3, 2012

God is good.

In the FaceBook world you get to see a lot of status updates that get you thinking.

Like status updates that say “My friend no longer has or is ______________, God is good!” You see that a lot.

You rarely see updates that say ” My spouse just died, God is good!” or ” I lost my job, God is good”.
We tend not to praise God when things are bad or take note of His goodness.

We also tend to see one attribute of God and that is “God is good”. Some churches tend to focus on that one attribute entirely. It becomes a mind numbing mantra. We automatically say it when something bad happens. When we do we are being dishonest about it because we really don’t fill that way. We got to look all Holy for everyone else.
Or when something good happens and we say it automatically, it may not come from the heart. Have you ever been talking to someone on the phone, a stranger perhaps or an associate, and when you say bye you say “I love you”. Because you were distracted by something at the time and the last call you made was with a loved one.

Self check time. when something bad happens in your life can you honestly say without a doubt and feel it sincerely that God is good?
Me, not so much of late.


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