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Learn the ‘Heresy Two-Step’ Technique of False Teachers!

I would like to thank Michael Acidri at Twisted Crown of Thorns for this.

It is a good thing to go to church with the bible firmly tucked under your arm. It’s also a good thing to watch Christian television with an open bible planted firmly under your nose. But some times having a bible with you is not all that the discerning listener needs. False teachers have invented a new smart technique that beats the lazy eyed listener…its the “heresy two step” technique:

The Heresy Two-step starts with two feet on the text. The allusion must be given that the text is going to be taught on. Then a sliding step backwards is taken into an abstraction. You move from the text to an idea about the text or to a word in the text. Once the text is abstracted and a general principle or something along these lines is made. You can now wiggle around and go in any direction you want. You can make the text say whatever you want. Instead of teaching the text you are pontificating on this abstraction which was drawn from the text.

For some of us who are less experienced I hope this explanation is helpful in discerning false teachers, but it would seem to act as a measure for anyone who preaches/teaches. One needs to understand that exegesis and hermeneutics do have a critical role in preaching and understanding what the text says.

“Heresy Two-Step” is a popular way of reading things into the text that were never there. It is a type of eisegesis. I hope this simple lesson helps you stay awake as you watch that guy on T.V asking you to “sow a seed” by sending money to his companyministry so that he can pray and God will give you 100% profits.

Excerpt from Hereiblog.



  1. Hi RB,
    The Basement is the ultimate manifestation of this age segregated youth ministry apostasy. A friend and I are going to be doing some witnessing downtown tomorrow – at 630 we will be going to do some field research there… wanted to see if you’d like to attend with us – I have been praying about this a lot lately, I don’t think they are going to repent. Age segregated youth ministry is apostasy – I agree with Vodie Bacham, I have his information on this – the Basement is the purest manifestation of this phenomena, and he nails it. Send me an email if you’d like to meet with us – I think this doctrine is going to get worse now that they are actively covering this felony to save face. They are creating a religious personality cult (have already made it) and MP is their savior.

    P.S. – listen to ray comforts audio series God Has a Wonderful Plan message; it typifies in the clearest language the modern gospel that they preach. Like I said – if it weren’t the purest manifestation I wouldn’t have taken the time to study it… every day that goes by the more I realize I’m dealing with a cult.

    • I was thinking a bout going, even joked with some friends about having Reformed In Bama T-shirts made. But I have to go to New Orleans Tuesday to do some work. I would love to hear the results and met you. When and wear did Voddie speak about the Basement? Would love to get hold of that.

      • Well, just the whole concept of of Age segregated youth ministry in general — I seriously doubt he’s even heard of MP but when he speaks you would swear he was talking about them directly.

        This is one of his sermons on ASYM — it’s about 65 minutes and I challenge anyone to listen to it; I have sent it to the leadership in the past… Ike responded that he would check it out but never responded back.

        After listening to this sermon there will be no doubt that ASYM is unbiblical… but it represents an incredibly profitable aspect of modern day 501c3 churchland.

    • I wonder where Sam ran off to?

      • Maybe he’s eating green eggs and ham

    • Let me know how it goes, tried watching it live on the net, kept freezing up.

      • Report from the frontline:

        I have so much to say that I cannot say it all in one message – I will hit a few high points.

        No direct mention of the felony or the lie told to the newspaper. They have completely blacked it out. There was a lot of damage control though…

        Matt is not going to confess his sin publicly, he hinted at this in the message by giving a definition of confession that doesn’t involve confessing to other Christians but God only.

        Worse than normal there was a noxious degree of self-promotion – it was full tilt tonite;

        Very arminian – they take the credit for a lot of change yet they don’t preach a gospel of repentance. One of the leaders was speaking and said if it weren’t for Matt none of them would be here kind of implying that they would still all be lost were it not for Matt.

        Several key ideas are starting to emerge – and it is very pagan, very Dionysian.

        The other day I was watching a series on the new rave culture spirituality. The Basement is Christian equivalent of a hip hop house party/rave. They closely mimic the world in this element but only for the first 20 minutes of the service.

        The key is that they only use it at the beginning of the service to induce a sort of cognitive dissonance and group trance… to kind of blank the slate of people there through lights, smoke, godless music.

        This is when MP storms onto the stage in his usual fashion that is almost blasphemous.

        Then they are instructed to go into worship which is almost compulsory and this next part is how the cult of MP is being formed…

        The function of worship at the Basement. There are always two worship sessions – one after the trance induction, and one after the message which is a comic relief routine followed by an alter call… except this alter call never is to do with repentance… it’s almost as if they are consecrating themselves to MP and the Basement.

        After this follows the second worship segment – where the same effiminate contemporary worship songs are used. All of this in of itself would be fine were it not for Matt injecting his boastful and flattering rhetoric into the whole thing.

        Though he doesn’t realize it he’s using a classic technique of mind control – by commanding the people at the altar to worship he then proceeds to associate himself into the worshipper’s experience as he regularly interposes himself loudly over the music in a very arrogant way – you have to witness to know what I’m talking about – I’ve never seen anyone do this in a worship setting. Very dangerous stuff here. The Self-aggrandizement is dizzying.

        All Basement service follow the same pattern – there is a reason for this.

        We are dealing with a very pagan form of Christianity, like I said, very Dionysian – more on that later, were I able fully expound what I’m seeing you would shreik in horror.

        The word sin is not used, other words are substituted like – “stuff”, “mistakes”. The law of God is never mentioned, all the vital content of the gospel is stripped out. No more holy confession – they don’t need that.

        They boast about an awakening, but their awakening doesn’t feature humility and true repentance… what kind of awakening are they referring to?

        More to come…

      • —————-
        Main Issues:
        * dispensational premillennialism, pre-tribulational – such an engrained frame that it is assumed; so much error emanates from this.
        * rave framework, Bacchus… position themselves as the hottest club in town
        * age segregated youth ministry
        * modified Joel’s Army doctrine that is latent, called “The Movement”
        * personality cult long time in the making
        * rigid programmatic structure, religious control
        * modern gospel that de-emphasizes repentance, the law, Judgement Day, the shedding of blood for the remission of sins, et al.
        * most sermons are entertainment, devoid of the word of God, mainly comic relief.
        * blatant repetitive self-promotion; using manipulative marketing and advertising techniques
        * no preaching against sexual sin, encouraging lust in many different ways.
        * merchandising, t-shirts, CD’s, et al.
        * 501c3 non-profit organization
        * tremendous arrogance and self-aggrandizement.
        * denial of any wrong doing or sin, covering the truth after lies were told about felony.
        * worship evangelism
        * horrid rave music that is sexual in nature, transitioning into arrogant worldly hip hop.
        * worship music with MP interposing dialogue into worship time – associating self into listeners experience.
        * marketing and advertising applied to evangelism…
        * mundane repititive messages year after year, no substance.
        * the fashion themselves to be the leader of leaders
        * effeminate religion, many seems to be aimed at young teenage girls.
        * their cutting edge way of presenting the gospel is merely apostasy and compromise.
        * Arminian – don’t believe in predestination; overemphasis on their importance
        * generational idolatry… continually flattering people.
        * tout themselves as the largest “youth movement” in the nation
        * continual boasting about the things they’ve gotten to do, places, people etc. – very sickening.
        * modern gospel – come to Christ to be a leader, for your calling, purpose, meaning, better life et al.

        … I could go on and on, there are other issues I failed to remember – each of these points could be expanded into a chapter in and of itself.

  2. Canton Jones has a lot of influence there at the Basement; he is under the leadership of Creflo Dollar, a notorius WOF heretic known for bilking the religious system. He is commonly heard singing about “taking dominion”, “taking over for the kingdom, put that on your ringtone” – he’s a great musician but so arrogant.

    Once again about this “taking dominion” motif, this IS Joel’s Army. In the Manifest Sons of God scenario, Matt Pitt would be the “manchild” type. There is so much to expose on this…

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