Posted by: reformbama | May 29, 2012

Why “Gospelite” is dangerous

Thank again to Michael Acidri at Twisted crown of Thorns for another great post. 

Christian Post is running a feature story on a new book. I think it is an interesting one too. It’s written by a couple who were once  false converts of a falsified watered down gospel (gospelite) to warn other false converts. You see …

In their new book, Falsified: The Danger of False Conversion, authors Vincent and Lori Williams seek to use Scripture to identify what they define as an “epidemic” of false conversions currently sweeping evangelical churches in the U.S. The couple speak from personal experience, as they too were once false converts.

The Williams define a “false conversion” as one in which the converted feels that they are saved, but in reality are not because they are not living by the correct teachings of Scripture. The couple confess in their book that they were at one time “false converts led into a false sense of security by seeker-sensitive churches preaching a watered-down Gospel.”

“God, in His sovereign grace, opened up their spiritual eyes, saved them, and gave them new hearts which yearn to know Him by knowing His Word,” writes Justin Peters, an evangelist and public speaker, in the book’s preface.

“The problem of false conversion is the theological elephant sitting in the living room of evangelical Christianity,” Peters claims. “Many are aware of the problem but few have the courage to address it in a meaningful way.”

Lori Williams shared with The Christian Post, “If the topic of sin is not being addressed, from the pulpit, or from these teachers/preachers, then what does someone know they’re being saved from?”

In their book, the Williams outline different movements and situations that can result in false conversions. One such movement is the seeker-driven/seeker-sensitive movement, which, according to the couple, seeks to fulfill the needs of unbelievers instead of teaching the word of God to believers.

“Some of these seeker churches that are out there, they are preaching a different Gospel, or an incomplete Gospel,” Lori told CP. She contends that these skewed Gospel teachings result in people falsely believing they are saved.

“That’s the problem. All these people think ‘I just have to believe in Jesus and then I’m saved.’ And that’s what is cranking out the false conversions. There’s no repentance, there’s no turning from the sin,” she added.

Other victims of false conversion include those who are baptized as children, believing that because they underwent this sacrament as a child, they are forever saved, no matter their moral compass as adults.

Falsified also points to the dangerous influence of hypocrites and false prophets, who may preach the word of God while in church, but live sinful lifestyles.

This should be an interesting read. I wonder if most churches will stock this book in their church book shop? I hope they do.

A good wake up call to ‘christianettes’ to sober up from ‘gospelite’.


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