Posted by: reformbama | June 8, 2012


I can well understand those who search the Scriptures with great diligence in order to arrive at this teaching about annihilation, but we must not base doctrines on our feelings. People say, “I can’t conceive of the love of God doing something like that.” Perhaps they cannot, but our beliefs are not to be based upon what you and I can conceive, but upon what we read in the Scriptures. We are not only finite, we are sinful. You and I are incapable of adjudging the love of God truly. Our minds are not big enough; they are not straight enough; they are not clear enough; they are not pure enough. And to argue in terms of what you think the love of God should be is not only to be unscriptural but to put yourself into the position of the unbeliever for that is precisely what he does about the atonement and about almost every other doctrine of our glorious salvation. He does not see it, he does not understand it, therefore he does not believe it. Let us be very careful that we do not align ourselves with unbelievers or argue as philosophers rather than as those who submit their minds to the teaching of the Scriptures.
Martyn Lloyd-Jones (Conditional Immortality or a Second Chance?)



  1. Hi, I’m a Reformed, conservative evangelical who, formerly holding the traditional view of hell as eternal conscious torment, became convinced over the past year or so of conditional immortality. I never had feelings or philosophical doubts that caused me to question the traditional view; I was convinced strictly by exegesis of the relevant texts of Scripture–even those texts historically used to support the traditional view. If you’d like to learn more about the biblical basis for our view, I’d encourage you to check out, and let us know what you think. Thanks!

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