Posted by: reformbama | August 15, 2012

True Repentance

True repentance is not blaming others for what you did. It is taking full responsibility for your mistakes.

Let’s say something about that word “MISTAKE”. Too many folks out there have used that word to soften another word called SIN.
Mainly when they have done something really bad. They call it a mistake and not for what it is, a sin.

They also tend to the “Not Perfect, Just Forgiven” card. They also love to point out that “Everyone Makes a MISTAKE” to take the light and guilt off of them. And they always throw out and misuse Scripture with the don’t you dare judge me.

To those I say this “Until you take complete responsibility for your actions you will not find peace”
They also need to know that people that point out your “mistake” does not mean that they are judging, it means they love you and want to help you. If you see anything else out of it, that is sick pride and that so called lie of self-esteem getting in your way.
Don’t ever surround yourself with people that worry about your “self-esteem”, those people don’t care for you.

Think about it.


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