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Unintended Consequences

I stole this from White Horse Inn.

Unintended Consequences

Sep.27, 2012 by in General

A veteran youth minister evaluates the state of youth ministry and “big church”–he doesn’t like what he sees:

We look at our youth group now and we feel good. But the youth group of today is the church of tomorrow, and study after study suggests that what we are building for the future is … empty churches.  (Marino is wrong here, if they are Christians then they are the church today. I really dislike that kind of language. – RIB)

What Pastor Marino says is not necessarily new, but it is helpful to have a man who has spent his entire ministry working with youth to say these things. Equally eye-opening are the comments that follow his post where other youth ministers either applaud or argue his premise. In response to one, Marino says:

The blog article comes from a seminar I put together a few years ago for the Urban Youth Workers Institute. Interestingly, when I did the seminar people over 35 would sit with their arms folded and youth workers under 25 would literally be standing and cheering. I can say that they resonated with what I was saying.

I think most pastors would agree that youth and children’s ministries are some of the most difficult to navigate as a church, especially for those of us in churches that are intentional in our efforts to catechize our children and include them in the worship of the church. [For more on the treacherous nature of children’s ministries, especially, see this fine post.] Let us, then, add Pastor Marino’s council to that of others like Christian Smith and Kenda Creasy Dean: rigorous theology, Word and sacrament ministry, and service to others forms not just the basis of our adult pilgrimage but also our young adult pilgrimage. As Dr. Barnhouse said, “What you win them with, you win them to.”



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  3. Hi RB,
    I tried to contact you – I don’t know if my message fell through the cracks or what? I was wanting to see if you wanted to still come on and help facilitate an expose on the Basement ministries – you can remain anonymous if you like. I might be having Jon Walden on soon to help me — he confided his great disdain for this group to me personally. Please let me know – that way I can stop bugging you…

  4.… — it’s time to get crunk on apologetics! — this is an online radio broadcast, expose of the Basement we just did – I’ve been involved there for 7 years, listen to it and pass it on to your friends at the Basement… we will continue exposing, I plan on getting some of the Basement insiders on eventually, if they can endure it…

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