Posted by: reformbama | April 14, 2013

Book Review – Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley

Found a good review of Deep & Wide over on Sharper Iron’s blog.

The book is the typical drivel from a Mega Church pastor, or ringmaster.

Here is the conclusion from Sharper Iron:

“This book was pretty much what I thought it was going to be – a case for Andy Stanley’s version of being seeker sensitive. Yet, there was quite a bit of leadership savvy that I found valuable. Yet again, reading this kind of book has reconfirmed in my mind that the attractional church has its days numbered. It will soon become irrelevant. The only true church is a missional church that doesn’t rely on culturally relevant services to grow the church, but relies on Spirit-empowered people who go into the world bringing the church to people rather than bringing people to church.”

I just wish he did not put in the part about the book having valuable  leadership savvy. It may move someone to go read the book. There are many books out there on leadership better than this.
I know a really good pastor that gravitates to this kind of drivel because he thinks he can’t communicate or does not have leadership skills. He does have them and God has gifted him greatly in that area. I hope he wakes up one day and sees that and stops mooning over the trend setters that think they have to make the church relevant and remembers Christ brings the increase. Not any man made church marketing.

Go here for the review.


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