Posted by: reformbama | August 27, 2013

Matt Pitt Redux Part 2

Definition of cult: a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure (Matt Pitt) or object (The Basement).

For you cult followers of The Basement, AKA sub level entertainment group of sub par Biblical teaching, spewing unconditional love stuff and don’t judge stuff.

Read the following.

Unconditional love?

Do I believe that we should show unconditional love?

Probably, given texts like Matthew 5:43-48; 7:12; 22:35-40, and the like.

The problem is, when many people use this phrase, I think they really mean:

  • Unconditional approval
  • Unconditional enabling
  • Unconditional refraining from Biblical assessment
  • Unconditional refraining from Biblical warnings
  • Unconditional effective trivializing of God and His Word
  • Unconditional ignoring of God’s verdict
  • Unconditional shared residence in the Land O’ Denial
Those things, I do not believe. ~ Dan Phillips over at Biblical Christianity


  1. That is some real solid points of what love shouldn’t look like. After discussing the whole Matt Pitt thing with someone else, I do think he made a mistake pleading guilty if he really wasn’t. I couldn’t see Jesus or Paul doing that. On the other hand, if you are correct, and he was guilty two times doing this I would think it is time he should step out of his position. God knows for sure what really has happened. I really believe he didn’t do it. I personally have seen him encourage others to treat those in authority with respect and honor. If I am correct, I hope God turns around this bad thing and changes it to good and they further spread the gospel.
    I’m not sure if you seen on you tube, but there is a video his wife took of the police searching the house. I can’t remember the name, I think it was joe or joseph Pitt the cop asked for, which was completely wrong. Stuff just doesn’t seem to add up. That is one, and why would Matt Pitt be so dumb to impersonate a police officer two times, after he talks about honoring them.
    I really believe this may be persecution from Satan. I know they don’t have perfect theology, but if God is really using them to reach people that no one else can and bringing people to faith Satan isn’t going to go down easy.

    This has nothing to do with the arrest, but just thinking of previous discussion you can find video of a message on God TV where Matt gives a message at Desperation Conference. He claims he isn’t a pastor or an evangelist, but a witness. The message is the Power of prayer. Just thought you might find that interesting.

    • DJ,
      Slow down and give time to reply. Probably Thursday or Friday.

      I will respond to one thing. That deputy has probably served several warrants and several more to serve that day. just a slip of the tongue due to the other warrants he had to deal with. Matt’s wife right off at the start lied to deputies about not having keys. And was not showing respect to the law. At the start of the video you catch a brief glimpse of one deputy holding out the warrant . During the whole time she is yelling you did not show me the warrant. Whole time not listening to deputies.

      There are people in ministry that I admire very much. John MacArthur, Voddie Baucham, Paul Washer and some more. I would not blindly follow them and defend them if they were to do something like this.
      Got to go. Anniversary number 26 today.

      • Ok. Happy anniversary! I won’t check the blog till Saturday. I did notice the lie. I think the truth is going to come out. Whether for good or ill, and it won’t be debatable which ever way it goes down.

      • It’s called grasping at straws…

    • DJ,

      I don’t know if you saw the bizarre interviews Matt Pitt gave to the news right before his arrest but when asked if he was guilty of impersonating an officer he said no, because they made him an officer and gave him a badge. How do you defend that? He is obviously not thinking with a sound mind, whether it is drugs again or some other mental disorder is for the courts to sort out. Matt Pitt is many things. Innocent is not one of them.

      Also, innocent men don’t run from police and jump off cliffs to escape justice. Just saying.

      • Okay, so he violated the all the known laws of non-contradiction, you expect him to know that!?

      • Angie there are more videos on you tube. You can see them on Truth Sets You Free. The more I watch the more I think there is evil going on in the police department, and with this rich guy. There is lots of fishy stuff going on. I think God is going to bring great good out of this. Watch the rest of the videos if you get time. One thing you will see in the videos is how those who speak, speak with great respect for others. That is why I have a hard time throwing Matt under the bus. So many times they may mess up a verse here or there, but they promote the respect and love of others. That is one of the reasons I am such a big fan of their ministry. I don’t see this all the time in Christians, but with them I do, even if it is in a different way.
        Also, if Matt did jump off a 40 ft. cliff he would be in the hospital. Another thing that doesn’t add up.
        Matthew 5:11, “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and FALSELY say all kinds of evil against you because of me.”
        Even if you think he’s still guilty after the videos, I hope you still wish him the best, and still love your brother.
        I know personally God has used him to encourage me many times, and has used him to help me to start a similar ministry where I live. God has been moving powerful in our services. It has even been verified by a few leaders including our senior pastor. One of my passions through it is to call youth to real conversion, not wishy washy stuff, because that is where I was for many years, and was heading for God’s wrath. Anyways, good talking to you.

      • DJ,

        I do not know if you have seen this or not. Start at the 25 min mark.Do go back and listen to it, some great stuff there.

        Pay attn @ the 30:40 mark and 40:10-42:00

      • DJ,
        Is that an active email address or is it just an email you use so you can comment on blogs?

      • To DJ,
        I don’t see a reply link for you – I understand your point of view but you need to deeply consider the fact that Matt gave a 12 minute interview where he appears to be on drugs and then ran from authorities. In fact he evaded them two months before this and a solid week before they executed the warrant. If he did nothing else and were completely innocent these actions are enough to put him in jail for violating probation.

        He did leap off the cliff, from my understanding tree limbs broke his fall. Several cops at the base of the cliff witnessed this. They have no reason to fabricate this – they have no reason to perjure themselves and risk losing their jobs.

        This cliff leaping incident demonstrates a lot about Pitt’s frame of mind – it is no wonder Matt’s followers would try to deny it. They justify Matt’s fleeing arrest and they say he didn’t jump off but that the cops beat him down. They are lying at every turn.


      • DJ,

        I’m not sure which videos you are referring to but I have seen Pitt’s wife screeching and lying to police and I’ve seen someone in his entourage (security guy I think) put out a ludicrous video attempting to excuse the inexcusable.

        I wonder if you might answer me this. Why are you so quick to believe ALL the police are corrupt across two counties and have it in for Matt Pitt? Where are you getting that nonsense but from Pitt’s camp? Why do you dismiss law enforcement’s version of events?

        I will also step on out there and say that I don’t think Matt Pitt has done any good. What has he done? He has led a bunch of kids to a ‘god’ that isn’t real. He has not taught them about the One True and Living God because he doesn’t seem to know anything about Him. Matt Pitt has taught error. I don’t know whether or not he is truly redeemed, but if I’m inspecting fruit, my guess would be he’s not truly converted. He has no love of the Word because the Word rarely if ever has entered into his motivational speeches. He’s made a lot of teens feel good. He’s made a lot of money off of them. I’ll give him those two high fives. But he has NOT led children to the foot of the Cross, something he will answer for when he stands before the Lord.

        I want to see Matt saved. I have no vendetta against him (unlike what he would say if he could see my comments because anyone that calls him out on his sin is ‘out to get him’). I want him held accountable for any and all laws he has broken. I want the Lord to bring him to repentance for his sin. I want to see him humbled so that the Lord can bring him to Himself.

        I do not want to see him in a pulpit. He is not biblically qualified to preach. He is not biblically qualified to teach. He is not rightly dividing the Word of Truth and that should be making him quake in his boots. The fact that it’s not speaks volumes.

        We should pray for Matt’s eternal soul instead of trying to make a list of worldly “accomplishments” he may or may not have made and excuses for his bad behavior. It’s his soul on the line and that is a weighty matter.

      • Angie, I guess I am quick to believe their camp. I hope I am not wrong, but if I am then I will be happy to confess I was wrong. I seem quick to believe their camp, and you seem equally quick to believe the other camp. Anyways, I wish you could see more of the good in him. I am getting tired of blogging, so I probably will take sometime away. If you really listen to him in his messages, you will see the good I am talking about. I’m not sure if you really will be able to do that, because you don’t appear to see anything in him. But I wish you could.

      • DJ,

        Actually, since I’m not a groupie, I have a very objective view of him and I can evaluate his teaching by the plumbline of Scripture. You seem very devoted to a man but I am very devoted to Christ. I am jealous for the sober handling of the Word of God. There is no man that can misuse it and me not point that out. Eternal souls are at stake.

        I don’t know Matt Pitt personally. I’m sure he has some lovely qualities. But that doesn’t earn him a pass on these very grievous issues, whether or not he determined he was a deputy because he was given a toy badge, whether or not he evaded arrest for a few weeks, whether or not there is a passel of law enforcement that has it out for him, whether or not he jumped off a cliff running from police and broke his leg.

        Since he plead guilty to the first time he played the role of a policeman, I can safely conclude that he is guilty. I am not ‘quick to believe’ anything but the ‘I’m guilty’ that came out of his own mouth. He claimed he did not have lawyers, yet his lawyers signatures are on the plea he signed the day of his plea; proof they were indeed there. So, Matt has lied, he has impersonated a police officer by his own admission. There isn’t much to defend here. He’s got problems. He’s messed up. He is going to have to pay for his mistakes.

        As for his “ministry”, he has no business preaching or teaching for the reasons I’ve already mentioned.


  3. The hole keeps getting deeper and deeper… this is Vince Lovell, Basement COO, trying defend the indefensible…

    • I stopped at 5 minutes. “Matt Pitt does not need a badge”. I guess that is because he is above the law.
      Can you give me the highlights of it or some time marks that are interesting. There is a reason this guy does security.

      • Around minute 6-7 Vince says that they never confiscated the first badge because Matt didn’t present it last year when he was arrested – I contact Sean Lemley in Calera, he assured me that they retained his first badge. Matt acquired a second honorary badge somehow… I’m starting the blog up again – I like you backed away from it. I have been attending regularly. Word got around to them that I was saying negative things about the Basement – I got to explain to them what I was talking about. They are in deep delusion because Matt’s arrogance requires that they cover for his lies.

      • If you have connections with CPD get hold of the dash cam footage if there is any

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