Posted by: reformbama | August 29, 2013

What are you saved from?

When someone says they have been saved – now I’d never do this to a young Christian or, but if they are a seminary students or something they are going to get this, if they say “I’ve been saved” And I go “From what? From what have you been saved?” People usually say “Sin!” “Nope!… Nope!” They say: “What you mean “Nope”?” “Sin wasn’t after you. Sin wasn’t gonna throw you in hell. You have sinned, but the sin caused something else. Sin isn’t going to throw you in hell! Sin is not even a person! It’s not a living being that’s going to judge you, and grab you and throw you in hell. From what have you been saved? This is going to really rock your boat. I’ll tell you from what you have been saved. From what you have been saved is not ‘What,’ it is ‘Who.’ You have been saved from God ! You see here’s what you need to understand.
God is the judge of all the Universe. You have sinned, since you have sinned and made yourself an enemy of God before the just judge, when you stand before Him, He will throw you in hell!” Now I hear a lot of people say: “God doesn’t throw anybody in hell.”
Well that’s really nice if you write it on the back of a Christian T-shirt, sing it in a contemporary Christian song, but it is not in the Bible. Jesus said: “You do not be afraid of man who can kill your body, but be afraid of God who can kill your body and throw you in hell.” You see? Again this God of ours is not very politically correct. He is not a tamed lion. People, have you ever heard this statement, we see it in Romans 5, we also see it in Romans 1: “enemy of God,” and “hater of God.” Have you ever heard that word “enemy of God?” Do you know what the problem is? Contemporary Christianity interprets it differently from the historical Christianity. You will hear preachers say: “When the Bible says that we were an enemy of God, it means that WE were an enemy against God, that WE were rebellion against God, that we were against God. But it doesn’t mean that God was against us, that God was our enemy.” And than they will usually say something like this: “It’s like you are holding a gun against God, and God wants you to put that gun down, and then you’ll be friends.” That’s not true! All throughout historical Christianity when it says “enemies of God,” you know what it really means? Not only were you God’s enemy, holding your gun on Him, God was your enemy holding His gun on you. You put your gun down, fine! He still has His gun on you. You are a criminal, you broke the law, you deserve to die, you can put your gun down to surrender if you want, but you are still going to hell. Because not only you are his enemy, but He is yours.
God says things in the Bible like: “I will hate them.” “I will come against them.” “I will fight against them.” “I’ll raise up a standard.” Again this God of 21st century Christianity is a lot a different from the biblical one, and a lot different than one that has been preached throughout 2,000 years of Christian history. So you see, not only were you making yourself an enemy against God, God was your enemy. And then one from whom you need to be saved is God because He is coming, remember what Amos has said: “Be prepared to meet thy God.” Remember what Revelation says and talks about: “He is coming and the captains and the great man of the world will cry out for the rocks to fall upon them to hide them from the wrath of the lamb.” He is not coming back with his
hand like going: “Oh, I just want to save you but now you have to go to hell.” No! He is coming back, it says: “sword of the Spirit.” I mean everything else is going on here. He is coming back and He is gonna fight somebody. Because He is mad! Now, the problem that you have to see… there is punishment. We have broken God’s law, so now we deserve to be punished. From where does that punishment come? Ask yourself that question. From where does that punishment come?~Paul Washer



  1. Not exactly on point, but I was asked just the other day “when were you saved?” What’s a good answer for that question?

    reformed and formerly from bama

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