Posted by: reformbama | September 7, 2013

Matt Pitt – The Uber Cult Leader

Let me throw out this quote from Matt Pitt before I get started. This is what got me looking into Matt Pitt’s ministry.

“It was getting about half time and God’s plan was not working. Moses didn’t work, Joshua didn’t work, nor did David. Then He sent Jesus in. It was a sure win”

Now listen up you little Basement Cult followers. You guys need to realize something. You are following a Bible  illiterate  self named “evangelist” narcissist.
It would take too much of my time to go thru all the half truths he has taught you guys.

I would hope that you cult followers would realize that you are allowing a “man” teach you the things of God that does not know what HONORARY means.
Here is part of an interview, I am pretty sure the interviewer is part of the Basement, with cult leader #2 Vince Lovell.

“Was he (Pitt) told that if he was ever pulled over to hold the badge out the window, that it would help him and present the badge if he was ever pulled over for speeding or anything like that? Absolutely. Are there many of us that were witness to this conversation when he was told to do that? Absolutely,” said Lovell.

Nowhere did they tell Pitt to show it and say he was a deputy. Yes, it may help you get out of a ticket like one of those ” I support the State Trooper” stickers on your car.

And then there is this from Pitt’s current lawyer.

“Boman said Pitt had received permission from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to place blue lights inside his car for security reasons. Pitt, he explained, had received death threats.”

Nowhere does this say Pitt could run down the interstate like a immature teenager making people pull over. That is just plain irresponsible and dangerous. Just as dangerous as when Pitt got pulled over
in Florida doing 86 in a 55 zone. Pitt had his HONORARY badge sitting in his lap when the policeman came up to his car window. DID. NOT. WORK. He had to plead guilty and pay the fine.

So you cult followers have to ask yourselves this. Matt Pitt is either stupid and has a limited vocabulary and you are letting him “teach” you the things of God, You can’t teach the Bible if you are as dumb as Pitt seems. Or you have to realize you are following someone who thinks he is above the law and/or is so delusional that he thinks whatever he does just because he is Matt Pitt that he can’t be touched. Or he is someone that is really smart and is making a ton of money off of you, and if he says enough churchy stuff people will flock and throw money at him. Either way you are being used.

I would really love you guys to explain his actions in the 13 interview.

Also innocent men do not plead guilty and run. A real man would not have left his wife to deal with an arrest warrant and go off doing the interview circuit. A real humble man of God would have turned himself in.

Isn’t it amazing how these conspiracy accusations come out after he was arrested. He has had all these people out to get him and he decides to mention it now. If he thinks the locals were against him he could have gone to the
state, or went and did the interview circuits just to get it out there. If all this conspiracy stuff is true it should have come out before the arrest. Where was all this conspiracy stuff before during the first arrest. Innocent men do not cower.

More to come. I have been taking screen shots of the cult followers and will prove out my accusations and the bad theology Matt Pitt and his fellow cult leaders have ingrained in their cult followers.
Also try to explain to you guys that Matt Pitt is not in jail for Christ.  He is in jail for breaking the law and term of his probation, which also has his lawyers signature on it. You know, the lawyer that Pitt said was not there..
You guys are putting your idol above the law.

BTW, I am amazed by all the legal experts that follow Matt Pitt.



  1. What’s really sad is that Matt’s pride won’t admit his error to his followers and let them free from what’s to come – and they in turn are upholding and strengthening him in his delusion… he’s promised them great and wonderful things. They think they will be rewarded by Matt for their sacrifice.

    Matt is going to go to court and try to condemn the system for conspiracy and he doesn’t have a leg to stand on but it buys him time with his devotees. If he doubled back and told the truth – he would lose everything. They tried to cover over this situation from the start and held a grudge against me for wanted to bring it up. Now the whole thing is detonating in their face and they have to address it but so far it’s been lies and spin.

    He thinks he can do this because he esteems himself and his group to be the penultimate end-time movement of God – and they let young people know this with great frequency.

    People really don’t grasp the arrogance of this ministry… it is beyond what you can imagine. God is judging it.

    He deserves to have the book thrown at him for all the lies. I think the main appeal of Matt’s Kool-Aid doctrine is that he is promising his followers (enablers) something that he can’t and has no intention of delivering.

    That has been one of the key aspects of his teaching since his arrest last year – he has diligently promised his enablers that though things seem tough God is about the move the Basement into great fame and prosperity (through the television network) and that they will have a part for their loyalty and contribution. He often boasted about how MTV calls him all the time and they were set to launch a reality show on their network.

    This is a lie. This is part of the approach. Lie to young people who need a place and a purpose in an uncertain world then take advantage of their time and sacrifice. Commonly they will exhort the youth, “serve the true man of God to be blessed and to get what God has for you.” It is a religious racket. I’m surprised it made it this far.

    Don’t let up until they repent and tell the whole truth.

  2. Here’s a video he put out before the white out, it got a lot of air time in the services… see what you think…

    • I think it is all about Matt Pitt junmping on the race card coattails. Ive noticed that leader #3 Ike likes the Occupy movement.

      • Here’s some more details that I wasn’t aware of: This church, Shades Valley Community Church is part of the Evangelical Free Church of America – I wasn’t aware of this denomination so it’s going to be interesting looking into it. – is their website and the pastor says that this is Matt Pitt’s home church where he is a member. I didn’t not know that – Matt keeps this information secret, I knew he had a home church I didn’t know where. This will explain some of the statements the pastor makes… and why he’s such a smooth talking dude… cij

        >________________________________ >From: Reformed In Bama >To: >Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2013 12:40 PM >Subject: [New comment] Matt Pitt – The Uber Cult Leader > >reformbama commented: “I think it is all about Matt Pitt junmping on the race card coattails. Ive noticed that leader #3 Ike likes the Occupy movement.”

      • The Evangelical free church is a solid denomination. I actually have been a member of one for many years, but I can’t pursue ordination in it, because you have to be premillenial, and I am amillenial. The denomination does allow each church a lot of freedom on some issues, and each church is congregational. For instance, some pastors in the denomination are 5 point Calvinist, and some are not. Some believe in paedobaptism, and some do not. And each church can decide if it will allow women to be elders, but I believe women can’t be ordained in the denomination, but could be recognized by their own local church as a pastor I think. Anyways, each church can look a little different. It has the core doctrines down you can see this on the denomination’s website. I don’t agree how every church in the E-free uses it’s freedom, which is outside the statement of faith, but I have found many of these churches to have loving people, and are devoted to Christ mission in the world. Overall, I would say it is solid, but I personally would take out the premillenial stance, and wish more of these churches including my own would have all male elders and deacons. The seminary of the E-free is Trinity in Deerfield, Illinois. This is where D.A. Carson teaches. I don’t know if he is a member though in the E-free.
        Anyways, just filling you in on the denomination. It is good like I said, but unfortunately some churches use it’s freedom a little different. The reason it’s like that is basically due it’s history before it was formed, which you could read about if you would like to. I think some close friends or brothers had some disagreements in theology, and didn’t want to divide. I could be wrong, I can’t remember the details.
        Anyways, no comments on Matt just giving you a little info on the E-free. I don’t have nothing else to say about him. Obviously, it would be best if he’s not guilty, because if he is a lot of people are going to be hurt and confused, and it’s not going to be pretty.

      • This applies to the Basement. Pitt saw a problem with the youth instead of doing something really radical he put youth program on steroids.
        Super ear tickling an 1/8 inch deep and miles wide.

        But of course the problem isn’t solved. In fact, it’s compounded, and now it’s institutionalized.
        Christians are still carnal, but now they’re super-spiritually carnal and proud and immune to Biblical admonition. And so on.

  3. To DJ,
    I’ve been looking into EFCA today; there is plenty of room for concern… here’s some more information on the subject —

  4. To DJ,
    You say it is best if he’s not guilty – I would say that he needs to tell the truth because now he is hurting people by trying to buy time with the legal system. He’s got his followers defending him… and defend they must! This ministry requires sycophants.

    He’s making a huge gamble that his fantasy defense will get him traction in court. It will not. But until then he can avoid the painful repercussions of facing the truth and get to be the hero one last time before the game is up.

    When he jumped from a cliff evading law enforcement after eluding a warrant for a week… well, need I say more?

    • It is best if he isn’t guilty. The Bible says to hate all sin, and that is sin if he broke the law, so I definitely hope he isn’t guilty, and so should you know matter what you believe about him.
      About the EFCA like I said some churches unfortunately misuse their freedom, and that is all on the congregation and its leaders, because it is a congregational church. Meaning it governs itself. I could tell you failures about every denomination. Whether it be the PCA, Southern baptist, methodist, lutheran, and so on. All of these denominations have imperfect statement of faiths. Some a lot more, and some a lot less. Westminster Confession is my personal favorite, but it to has a few imperfections.
      If he is guilty I am in full agreement with you that he needs to confess.
      Also, for a denomination to be good doesn’t mean it is perfect. Look at many kings in the old testament. The Bible will record something along the lines that they were faithful, but it also records some big sins. So it can be with denominations. They may have a lot right, but also have some failures. It doesn’t mean they are worthless.
      Also, I disagree calling people with the Basement psychopaths. Even if everything you have said would turn out to be right, you shouldn’t label all as that. God doesn’t even label his failing children that. Also, what do you disagree with in the EFCA statement of faith? Not sure if you read it or not, but I am assuming you have because you would want to read from the source first, which you probably did. If not read it and let me know if you get time.

      • Sycophants and psychopaths are two different things

      • Ok I guess I misread. I don’t know what a sycophant is. Either way I think it is uncalled for to call believers that. Would you disagree from Scripture? I know at times people can be called things in the Bible. For instance Jesus called Herod a fox, and apostate Israel was called stuff by God in the Old Testament, but you don’t even know these people. I am not including Matt in the mix, because I know already what you think of him. There is not one time in the Bible when I see God call His truly saved people anything bad no matter how immature they are. Some would say that God did this in the O.T., but a closer look would show that was intended at those who were apostate. So if God doesn’t do this why should we?
        It seems to me that you are willing to rush into judgment on things. Since you replied back, and didn’t say anything about the EFCA it seems like you never even read the statement of faith. Instead you took the info from a random site. That doesn’t seem very loving to me or respectful of the denomination. My apologies if I have misjudged, or if I have written anything in a critical way in any of the posts.
        At this point I don’t see the reason to keep discussing Matt anymore. I will leave it in the courts hands. I see no further need for me to keep discussing. So I am retiring from the blog, so don’t worry about responding.
        Best wishes,


      • Sycophant – A person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage.

        Unfortunately believers are guilty of this and I have observed it over and over at said organization. I’ve been guilty of it – everyone as been guilty of it. You will definitely be penalized by this ministry by simply wanting to know or tell the truth. They are looking for followers who will uncritically accept everything they say.

        I have read the EFCA statement of faith it is good for the most part – but you have to dig a little deeper than that. They are very ecumenical and so is Matt and that is my main issue.

        If you would have read it you would have seen that the writer brought up some good points. I’m sure there is variation within the denomination but I not familiar with the individual churches only the organization in general from what I gathered in the article. I will visit this church soon to see for myself.

        I’m not willing to rush to judgment. God gave us discernment – we have certain facts to by… everything will come to light eventually. I have more than enough information at this point to realize that this person and ministry are in error. Maybe you’re not where I am on this issue and I’m fine with that.

        I know Matt and alot of the people that are with him. My prayer is that they will tell the truth.

      • Blake Turner ‏@BlakeTurner23 9h

        Free my boy Matt Pitt that dude has ministry to do. Warn him or whatever and let him get back to the grind #freepitt

  5. I recently found this website while doing massive amounts of research on the basement and I couldn’t agree more that this is the largest cult “shaking the nation” I use to attend the basement and every time I would go I would be greeted with the happiest freaking people I have ever met and they would get my phone number and text and call me as if they knew me forever… I always thought that was kind of strange. I also noticed the girls in the basement would only hang out with each other and they are together every single day, that being said I started doing research on what makes a movement a cult and some of the key factors are those I just listed, overly enthusiastic crew, instant friends and this one is my favorite. The girls of the basement are not allowed to date anyone and IF they do the guy must go thru Lance, the security guy or Bird or Ike to get permission…I found this out from a girl herself so I feel like that information is true… That to me was it I was like this place is incredible, they have formed the biggest cult. The leaders controlling who you date and see is a dead cult give away according to the research I have done I do believe the website is called cult but I could be wrong. I have a few friends who agree completely with me and all this information I’m dying to expose them but what’s one person against thousands of brainwashed kids?

    • Expose away W. If you/we reach just one, it will be worth it. If you know people still following don’t give up talking to them. If you want to write something up in more detail I will post it

    • You’re not alone W, God and the body of Christ will fight with you -the facade is going to be shattered;

  6. And another thing…

    The worship is basically worshipping Matt… It’s ridiculous and I swear the last 2 times I’ve heard him speak I thought he was on drugs or something of the matter it was really strange… And I also think its strange that they spend more time talking about basement events, tshirts rappers and CDs and small groups and going to eat then they do JESUS. It’s all about Matt and money that he probably uses for who knows what… Sorry, just being honest.

    • My last post is from a former follower

  7. I love this! I am so glad you are speaking out on this issue. Speaking as a person who used to attend the basement and thankfully got out before I got pulled in, I completely agree that it is fully a cult and needs to be stopped!

    • Feel free to share your story

  8. You know… with the statement he said about “not working” i say this because My cousin is involved with the basement and would u know he now works part time? ONLY TWO days a week! He told us the basement is my life and I would die for it and Matt pitt… hmmmm? I just researched and came across an article when the basement was at church of the highlands…The preacher there let the basement go because “they did not fit” he said something along the lines of how kids needed discipleship and not so much entertainment. …but again kept saying “not a fit” honestly I think it won’t be to much longer until they “drink the koolade” it’s all about accountability and admitting of when u have done wrong. Don’t lie about it! I have a close friend who is friends with a witness of when the event occurred in The woods… I don’t believe in the basement ministry but I do believe the power of my god and attend church regularly. Another story was told to me by a family member who currently attends said he witnessed a drunk man come in the basement and get saved that night! …. wonderful and all he got saved but why would u come to church drunk? I think that would be disrespectful to the man upstairs. I don’t get it and as long as people keep contributing to this matt Pitt will have a free ride the rest of his life! The basement members post things via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at wee hours of the morning 3-4 a.m time frame talking about how “fired up” they are for jesus! I’ve always been told nothing good happens after dark! So that is another thing that makes me question it. Are u fired up on jesus or fired up you had “bro time”?????? I attended the basement when it was at cathedral and booty poppin on stage is a no no at a “church” event. False prophets are mentioned in the bible and I belive pitt is one. All we can do is pray that the basement gets turned around in a godly direction and not just for luring minions and stealing everything they have!

  9. I grew up around Matt pitt. Like he says at the beginning of each service were not perfect were forgiven . Do you think god can’t forgive if he fell 7 times he will be forgiven 70 times 7 .if you knew the bible you would not cast the first stone Mattdoes great things with ministry that god called him to do

    • Benji if you knew the Scriptures you would recognize a good church leader. You can’t hold to one catch phrase your whole life. Did I say God (note the uppercase G there) can’t forgive?
      Why are you casting a stone at me? You are right when we are not perfect but forgiven, but Scripture clearly tells us not to stay where you are at. You become a NEW creature.
      Matt does does not meet the criteria to lead. Read Titus and Timothy. Unfortunately I do not have alot of time to get into detail with you. Let me leave two videos for you to watch. I doubt you will because they

      will convict you and prolly way longer than your attention span can handle since there are not any flashing lights and smoke. Just sound doctrine being preached. I hope you will watch and discuss.

    • Hey Benji,
      If you are still out there. You are probably just a drive by commenter.
      Just post up a post you might be interested in.

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