Posted by: reformbama | September 16, 2013

Words from a former Basement/Pitt follower.

There is always hope. This is the response when I asked this person why they left The Basement.

1) When Pitt first got into legal trouble of May 2012 for the Peace Officer impersonation. There was nothing said about it at all or addressed. The Basement continued as there was nothing that had happened. The first service after he was arrested, he spoke as well as every other leader of the Basement. There was NO word said about Jesus in the service. All was said about how The Basement did this and it did that. Talked about how Matt Pitt was this and how Matt Pitt was that. The Basement story video was played over and over throughout the service. All we were told was the Basement and Matt Pitt were being attacked by the enemy. Some reason, I took that and ran with it, exploding and ranting in a non loving way on various social media sites and the news site,

2)I was NOT on staff but in my eyes I was basically an intern. I found myself at The Basement office and warehouse for long hours making t-shirts which “benefitted” the ministry and reaching the lost. I would show up at 10 a.m and literally stay there until midnight or later. Editing videos, making shirts and calling people to invite them to The Basement. I found myself rather promoting the Basement than Jesus, I found myself living off of an emotional high rather than truly encountering God’s presence. It was more of a hype show and look what Matt Pitt has done.

3)During the summer of 2012, I got really involved and sometimes got to sit in on staff meetings and be backstage during the major events. Pitt was highly praised and he let that get to his head. Just there for the show and his praise. He would literally show up with security and a driver. Walk on stage, grab a mic, give the crowd an emotional high and leave after. Toward late months of the summer I began to see how I was praising the Basement and Pitt rather than Jesus.

4) I began to see that people were thinking Pitt was this great person and worshipping him. If Pitt was not there, there was little if any attention given to the speaker. Pitt became who these kids and even some adults worship, it blew my mind. I began to dive into other people’s views and thoughts of Matt Pitt and The Basement and how they attempted to shine the truth and light on the ministry but was ALWAYS told that it was the enemy and nothing could stop this movement.

5) My last event and breaking point. I attended the Basement conference in Myrtle Beach, SC and I unfortunately stayed the whole time because I drove others. If it were up to me, I would have left after the first night. Pitt went literally spoke for two hours the first night about the Basement story and what he has done and how he hoped to work with Tim Tebow in the future as well as a reality show with MTV. I became furious and felt God tug at my heart and tell me that this wasn’t of Him and that I needed to leave, that was my last major Basement event.

A portion was left out here to protect this person from the attacks I have received over the years.

I attended one Basement event in the spring of this year to see had anything had change for better and it honestly gotten worse. Pitt rambling on stage, I honestly thought he was on some type of drugs or under the influence of something. Something was just not right….

Under the radar, The Basement and UnAshamed split this year. Rumors from various sources and people that the Basement leaders besides Ike are not who they are. I’ve heard alot that many of the leaders indulge in excessive alcohol beverages during their conferences as well. That is the reason why they split.

UnAshamed has moved in a positive direction I must admit.

I am completely appalled at how The Basement leaders have violently responded to Pitt’s new legal actions and have shown no love to people who disagree. I believe that more will come out and I don’t believe Pitt will be the only one getting in trouble.

The t-shirt business and the news website that they made to cover up Pitt is honestly disturbing. It hurts to see because there are still a lot of followers , who happen to be youth, that are being deceived and misled. I just wonder how they respond to their “Pastor” and other mentors getting in trouble..



  1. Hi Mark,

    Awesome post… keep them coming – the immune system of the body of Christ is working full tilt.

    I did this video yesterday in response to Blake Bolden’s video where he utterly denied that Pitt went over the cliff. I went to Vulcan to investigate. Blake was with Matt the night of the arrest…


  3. Great article! Nice to see other people wanting the truth told!

  4. I completely agree with u. I was on leadership for 6 years there and actually started when it was in his basement. Im so sad at how pitt and the basement have changed. It was such a powerful movement for God and now its only about pitt. And the people who are still on leadership there make me sick. Someare genuine but some are thete for the show. Its so sad.

  5. MT,

    i have some information you may like to entertain in the near future. I have read some of your blog. Very interesting on my end. Glad to see i am not the only thinking how suspicious this following of the Basement has grown into.

    • I will get with you soon

  6. Hi Mark,
    I put you on my blogroll – you’re numero uno. I finished this video today we are going to begin to mark out the contours of the Basement’s new conspiracy – it is libelous, seditious and everything in between. It is the reason why they put his date back 3 weeks. Some more might be going to jail.

  7. Matt Pitt’s followers claim that there is a conspiracy against them. They even go so far as to say that Matt didn’t go over the Vulcan cliff and that police brutality was the reason for the injuries he sustained. In this video I will give final visual proof that is irrefutable. A picture taken at the scene of arrest has a McDonald’s in the background adjacent to the cliff he would have lept from…

  8. Mark – you have to watch this… this is the presentation from last week that I told you about

    • You have any time marks for the interesting stuff.

    • then again it does not exist anymore

      • it’s still there – skip ahead to minute 22

      • Everytime I hit play it says video does not exist

      • At minute 22 and onward the threats towards JeffCo law enforcement are explosive – at that mark the basement has there are 3 drug dealers making threats, here’s the channel…

        If you keep watching you will all manner of wild accusations against Mike Hale and Randy Christian and race baiting

  9. Go to 22:17

  10. “It’s lowdown man, Free Pitt man”

    • I finally got it work and watched a little bit of it around the 22 minute mark and could not stomach anymore.

      • It is nauseating, I wonder what God thinks of all this madness. Minutes 38-46, then after the 46th minute Vince builds into a explosive tirade against Mike Hale – if DA gets a hold of this…

      • I’ll send the DA a link if I can find a email address

      • Here is an email I sent Mike Hale who has been corresponding with me – in the message for those reading along are some of the more pertinent parts of the video… at the end Vince shows a video presentation it starts right around 53:33 but the content right before it is worth watching

        Dear Mr Hale,
        Here is some more that Mr. Christian and the DA might be interested in.

        I emailed you about the FreePitt website – what prompted that was the night before at their free Pitt event I observed a racially charged conspiratorial presentation given by Vince Lovell. I asked Vince to post the presentation and tonight I they did. They are breathing out fire towards you and Jefferson county law enforcement claiming that you’re part of a racially motivated plot to assassinate Matt’s character. Here is the link – the whole presentation is worth consideration though it is very nauseating and hard to endure. At 22:17 you will see an racially charged interview with some drug dealers, it is kind of silly but you can see the race bating they are employing. At minute 38 up to 46 his attacks begin to become more and more personal towards you and several other prominent individuals who have earned their ire. 46:23 contains a powerful threat towards you personally.

        After this you must see 56:38 – they liken you, Christian and hand full of others to Bull Conner and other racist icons of the civil rights movement – the clip at 56:38 is part of a video presentation at the service near the end. Start at 53:20, this is right before their video presentation begins and it runs to 58:55… there is enough in this 60 minutes of video to find out everything you need to know about their position.

        I’ve been doing apologetic ministry there for 8 years because this group thinks they Joel’s army – an end time youth movement based upon a delusional interpretation of scripture. That is why they call themselves the “movement” and Matt is the great general whom God has ordained to shake the nations. They are incredibly delusional and arrogant and for the sake of the young people there I hope you can do something. I’m sure there’s more than enough here to sue for libel if you or Mr. Christian are so inclined.

        I was banned from attendance there last week for asking questions pertaining to some of the inconsistencies in what they are putting out.

        From: “Hale, Mike”
        Sent: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 9:06 AM
        Subject: Website

        Thanks. We will forward to the Shelby County District Attorney and Jefferson County as well.

        M Hale
        Sent from my iPhone


        I’d like to see if you will forward this website to Randy Christian…

        This is the new website defending Matt’s innocence – I’m not an advocate of this ministry; the website is promoting an incredible conspiracy against Jefferson County, Shelby County, et al. – they are becoming more and more seditious and dangerous.


  11. The Basement has shut their live internet stream down – they want to keep the personality cult a closed affair now. Looks like they are turtling up. I told them I was their to appraise the content of their message against scripture when they banned me – they told me that that wasn’t acceptable. They are Joel’s Army – Vince’s video will make it apparent.

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