Posted by: reformbama | November 26, 2013

Open Letter To The Free Pitt Crowd.

(This has not been proof read)

The Free Pitt crowd really makes me shake my head from their continued worship of Matt Pitt.

Matt has plead guilty to impersonating a law enforcement officer one already. Been documented by police in Florida that he tried flashing his badge to get out of a ticket. Didn’t work.

During the first arrest and trial you did not hear one thing about a conspiracy or that it was an race issue. The judge was very lenient. Matt got two years of UNSUPERVISED probation,
with a stern warning from the judge to never do that again. He even apologized to the Calera PD.

His first basement appearance he did not show any repentance for his actions or that he was humbled by the experience.
Most SANE people would have learned something from that. Like NOT TO GET HOLD OF ANOTHER BADGE EVER AGAIN.

Did Matt learn from that? NO.

One day Matt was out riding his four wheeler. Was seen grabbing a rifle from the edge of the woods.
Again Matt shows his carelessness towards others.
First time speeding down the interstate flashing blue police lights making people pull over.
Second time driving at excessive speed in 30MPH zone putting others at risk.
Third time leaving a rifle or instructing someone to leave a rifle at the edge of the woods.

Back to day riding his four wheeler. Concerned citizen sees Matt out there, CC approaches Matt and Matt flashes badge, one he not supposed to have, to CC and tells
CC that he can call a deputy to confirm Matt’s official business there. Keep in mind that Matt did not say he was a deputy but he implied it with his statement as confirmed
by his lawyer in his probation hearing.

Concerned Citizen thinks about it for awhile and calls JeffCo to report it. Jeffco gets a positive ID that it is Matt and try to contact him to TALK to him.
Matt ducks the requests for days, go on a TV interview circuit. Meanwhile JeffCo has lost patience gets an arrest warrant and go to Pitt’s house where his wife has to deal with the
deputies. She was lucky they did not cuff her because of her interference.

Finally they catch Matt Pitt at Vulcan right after an interview and he then runs from the police.

Even if the conspiracy stuff is real, where was it the first time.
What SANE man pleads guilty if he is innocent? Especially a man in his position. You fight and fight to prove your innocence!
Let’s look at the evidence that we can see with our own eyes.

1. We see Matt with another badge in TV interview. Evidently he did not care what the judge said or believed what he said.
2. He flashed badge to Concerned Citizen, Pitt’s lawyer did not argue that.
3. During booking Pitt kept saying he worked for Mike Hale, JeffCo Sheriff. Implying he is a deputy. At that point any SANE man would have cooperated. He should have cooperated from the beginning.

Those three things violate his probation. PERIOD!!

We have learned that Matt only cares about Matt by putting people in danger with his actions. He disregards authority said and thinks himself above the law.

Apparently he does not know what honorary means, and the Free Pitt people thinks he can teach the Scriptures.

We have learned that Matt can’t learn.

It’s not all Matt’s fault. I put a lot of the blame on his fellow leaders, Vince (leave the scene of an accident) Lovell, Blake Bolden, and TJ Hursh.

Y’all feed his ego, let him think he is above the law, you did not discipline him. Make him take a sabbatical. You ignored it. Or maybe you didn’t know how to or about church discipline because
you sit under a guy with zero training in theology and does not know what honorary means.

Blake, you let him run around that night in that state of mind.
I’ll be damned if I ever let a friend get far off track. Or is he a friend or just a meal ticket for you.
So to make yourselves feel better you a created this wild conspiracy and bringing race into. Wrongly comparing him to those in the Bible that suffered for the FAITH. Let’s not forget all of the Scripture
twisting you are doing over the social networks.
Face it, he did something stupid and is paying for it.

Take this time while Matt is in jail to sit under a doctrinally sound pastor. Like David Platt.
Step back and take a look at your leader and leaders.

Only a fool would get another badge and carry it around …
And tell me it ain’t all about Pitt




  1. Matt has put himself above reproof; his followers are concerned that if they say anything that they will fall out of rapport. So no one says anything – they’re afraid to. Leadership are taught not to question anything. They only want people around who are going to fully support whatever they are saying. I found that out real quick.

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