Posted by: reformbama | December 2, 2013

30 Days of Thanks

November is the official month of thanks. Thirty days of it. Facebook and other social media sites were all afire last month with a shout out a day of thanks for something or someone.
Thankfully Christians give day one to Christ and or God. Then the rest of the days of the years you will rarely see someone thankful for anything, unless they get more STUFF, plus they are too busy getting their feelings hurt.

I say all that because …

Spurgeon wrote this:

Christian! here is all thou canst require. To make thee happy thou wantest something that shall satisfy thee; and is not this enough? If thou canst pour this promise into thy cup, wilt thou not say, with David, “My cup runneth over; I have more than heart can wish”? When this is fulfilled, “I am thy God”, art thou not possessor of all things? Desire is insatiable as death, but he who filleth all in all can fill it. The capacity of our wishes who can measure? But the immeasurable wealth of God can more than overflow it. I ask thee if thou art not complete when God is thine? Dost thou want anything but God? Is not his all-sufficiency enough to satisfy thee if all else should fail? …
[W]hat more canst thou hope for than the fulfillment of this great promise, “I will be their God”? This is the masterpiece of all the promises; its enjoyment makes a heaven below, and will make a heaven above.

So, with that said WE give the creator one day of the month/year to give him a shout out of thanks. Everything else pales in comparison and WE give all those a day of their own also.
Pretty much why I dislike theses special days to celebrate something that should be celebrated on a daily basis. WE should shout this out on social media on a daily basis.
These special days make it easy for us just to wait for that special day to be thankful, celebrate the birth of Christ, national day of prayer.
Don’t misunderstand me, we should be thankful for everything, trials included, but sometimes we act like we are more thankful for STUFF than we are for what Spurgeon told us.

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