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Why Will Basement Leaders Not Respond? They Can’t

Short answer is they can’t give response with out killing their conspiracy.
Recently after finally baiting Casey Holland, AKA Bird, into responding to me on Twitter, I had thought I got him to agree to meet me in person. Bird had a problem with my Tweets and I told him if he met with me I would stop. He said he would love to meet with me. However Bird would never take the step needed to arrange a meet. Bird chickened out, or lied or the cult leaders would not let him. I even stopped Tweeting to and about the cult and it’s members to show good will. I will be starting back.
Y’all should also see the Twitter rant Bird did against Cade Foster and the lame excuse he gave Cody Mandel when Cody called him on it.

A recent contact of mine has reached out to TJ Hursh, one of the Basement leaders. Twice. No response. Either TJ can’t make a rational response or he is not his own man and the cult leadership forbids him from responding.
They are not helping their cause by not responding and looks more cultish by the minute. With permission I am posting letter number two my contact has sent to TJ. First one is a lot like it.

Letter start here …

Quote “There is absolutely no reason that Matt should be in prison right now.”

Oh yes there is TJ. Most certainly there is.

TJ, I did not reply to this the first time you posted it. I actually called and left a message at the Basement, and also made a request for a returned call with both you and Casey Holland. I am a little surprised that

no one will return my calls. I thought that I had made it pretty clear that I was trying to be supportive.

As I told you before when we last spoke, I assume that when anyone posts something on a social media site, they are wanting it to be read and are inviting feedback and opinions. There are some concerns

I have about the text above, and I hope that no one is offended if I reply honestly and openly. My attempts to voice my concerns privately have obviously been ignored. If anyone reads what I say as an

attack, or thinks that I am mean spirited, then they truly do not know me or my intentions. I have told you that my writing style sometimes appears to be more harsh than I intend. I am not going to apologize

for that any longer. No one should have to apologize for being as honest as they can possibly be, caring very much about others, wanting to keep people safe, and helping people change in positive ways. I get

paid as a professional to do that TJ. I might just have a clue about a few things. Please take the time to read this and consider that I may be right on at least SOMETHING that I write. I have spent five hours

writing this. I hope you and your friends will take five minutes to read it.

TJ Quote “There is absolutely no reason that Matt should be in prison right now.”

I would like to offer the correction that Matt is not in Prison, he is in a County Jail. Comparing Shelby County Jail to a prison is like comparing a bar fight at Hooters to a fire fight in Fallujah. I have worked

inside both a jail and a prison. The loss of your freedom is the same, but that is where the similarities end. Jail is an unpleasant place, but to call it “prison” is to deny the horrors and depravity that are

present in the realities of the American prison system. Aggrandizing the situation by saying that Matt is in “prison” is the first thing that needs to be corrected in this difficult situation. Matt is in jail. He is safe.

He sees his family and makes phone calls. He eats lunch room food, has real toilet paper, and gets daily mail. Yes it’s bad, but it’s not even close to prison.

In my understanding of Civics and Society there is a clear reason that Matt should be in jail right now, and the recent act involving guns and four wheelers has very little to do with it. Matt was charged with a

misdemeanor last year, and plead guilty to the offense. He is in jail because of that conviction, period.

To say that Matt had no choice but to plead guilty last year is the ultimate in denial of responsibility.

No one takes away your freedom to choose what you do. Even God doesn’t do that to us. No self-respecting man would ever plead guilty to such a serious offense if he were completely innocent.

Matt was and is entitled to the full protection of society. He was entitled to a fair trial by a jury of his peers, and the burden of proof was clearly on the State. If he was advised by his attorney to plead

guilty to a lesser offense, it was because his attorney knew that substantial evidence against him was present, and conviction to a more serious crime was likely. To say that Matt is “completely innocent”

of the crime to which he pled guilty makes him appear to be a victim. Many people in society find it offensive when a convicted criminal, especially one that admitted his guilt in open court, attempts to

later blame everyone but themselves for their mistakes. Matt Pitt is not a victim of anything other than his own lack of understanding of what it means to be a law abiding citizen. In a civilized society, there

are consequences imposed for bad behavior, and accountability to the law making and law abiding majority is enforced. In the absence of such rule, society will descend into anarchy and the land will be

as described as Israel once was when there were no Judges or Law, and “everyone did what was right in their own eyes.”

Apparently the current standards of the Church are much lower than the standards of society when it comes to conformity to societal law. This may be why Matt’s incarceration feels so wrong to his

followers. In the current Basement culture people are “not perfect, just forgiven.” While that sounds awesome and spiritual, think deeply about it for a moment. Under that logic a person can commit a

heinous crime, repent, and it simply goes away as if it never happened. What happens to the natural irrefutable law of sowing and reaping in that way of thinking? Does God simply throw out the laws of

nature that he created just because someone twists scripture to excuse themselves from accountability?

While I fully appreciate the fact that God forgives our sins, and spares us the penalty of the ultimate judgment that we deserve, I have yet to see a place in the Bible where the law of natural and logical

consequences for our actions is suspended. The wages of sin is still death. The blood of Jesus will cleanse the soul, but consequence of death for transgression has yet to be removed.

In fact, there are consequences for every action we take, both positive and negative. In society, incarceration is one possible consequence for antisocial behaviors. Matt is in jail right now because he

committed an act that had consequences attached. According to the Judge that was rightfully elected  to speak and decide for society, incarceration is exactly the consequence that Matt brought on himself

when he admitted that he had willfully and with knowledge violated society’s laws.

As an act of mercy by that same elected judge, and against the recommendations of many people in law enforcement that knew Matt well, Matt was given unsupervised probation. Probation is a massive

privilege, not a right. Society extends an offer of probation to allow a convicted criminal a chance to avoid the full severity of the consequences they have earned. Probation is society’s way of saying “ we

believe that you can do better if given another chance”, and giving someone who may have made a one time mistake a chance to prove them right.

The fact that probation was even considered for Matt is shocking. What no one seems to want to understand is that Matt had a fairly stained criminal past prior to his salvation experience. He has been

in jail before, and admits this freely. When someone is born again, God forgives them of all their past sins as if it had never happened. Society operates under a different set of rules, and does not have

a plan that includes pretending that what you did in the past doesn’t matter today. In society your criminal record follows you, and getting saved and doing good works does not erase it.

Matt is in jail today because his cumulative criminal record demanded punitive action once he proved that he was not going to abide by the terms of his probation. If the judge had ignored the past record

due to recent good behavior, he would have been guilty of bias and would have, and should have, been held accountable by the society he represents. The constitutional idea of a separation of Church and

State bars the Judiciary from considering Matt’s status as a religious leader in it’s application of the law.

The expectation from society in exchange for the mercy of probation is a demonstration from the convicted that they have accepted responsibility for their behaviors, have a desire to learn from their

mistakes, and intend to strive to function as law abiding citizens from that point forward.

I think that it is obvious to any rational human that Matt Pitt has not accepted responsibility for his actions. He blames society, concocts bizarre conspiracy theories, points fingers a media sources, and

blames critics, detractors and everyone else on the planet other than himself. He has not learned from his mistakes, as evidenced by him continuing to a carry a badge and declaring on a news interview

and to jail staff that he was indeed a police officer. He has failed to demonstrate that he fully submits himself to the governing authorities of our society. His lack of commitment to be a law abiding citizen

is certainly evident before his conversation experience at age twenty. Before that he repeatedly committed crimes, and by his own admission lived a criminal lifestyle complete with drug dealing, drug

use, distain for authority, truancy, theft, assault and only God knows what else. After his conversion at age 20 he has done wonderful things in the ministry, but the pattern of antisocial behaviors have only

been suppressed, not addressed. They have recently re-surfaced in obvious and undeniable ways. In the past two years alone Matt has repeatedly committing acts that are grounds for arrest. The amazing part

is that he is on record BRAGGING about some of the acts as if he should be rewarded for his complete disregard and distain for the laws of society. Matt has recently slandered respectable public officials

and law enforcement officers, refused to cooperate with police in their investigations of a citizen’s complaint, failed to obey the lawful commands of a peace officer, resisted arrest, attempted to elude

capture, refused to answer to an arrest warrant in a timely manner, refused to obtain simple permits for assembly or parade, refused to obey the orders of a an officer concerning unlawful assembly, repeatedly

ignored posted speed limits, misused prescription medications, gave false and misleading information to those that are influenced by him, and failed to report serious crimes and misdemeanors committed by

others under his leadership.

Yes TJ, Matt does deserve to be in jail right now. If you take out any positives he has done in ministry, what is left is a pattern of horrible delinquent and criminal behaviors that has endured for at least 17

years. The fact that he has done excellent things as a minister is completely irrelevant. There is no such thing “as credit for good deeds” when it comes to criminal behavior. I pray that Matt learns what is

expected of him as a citizen while he is detained, and makes the necessary corrections to his defection and destructive antisocial thinking. It would be a tragedy to lose Matt Pitt to his own self excusing


TJ Quote “You may want him in prison because it gives you a good feeling inside (and yes it is sick that someone even thinks that way)”

Correct TJ. Anyone that gets a good feeling inside because Matt Pitt is in jail is sick. No citizen that understands anything about the way our society works takes joy in another citizen being incarcerated.

If a fellow citizen is in jail, they are simply a burden on all tax payers, and they are unable to contribute their skills and abilities to the overall good of the community. We all lose something when one of us is in

jail. Despite the loss and expense, it is still necessary to enforce consequences in a uniform and unbiased manner. Our nation has worked for 200 years to devise a better way. So far nothing has been found to

replace the grossly ineffective penal system. The same system was in use as far back as history records.

The Bible doesn’t offer a better solution that I can see. Since we appear to agree that anyone that gets a “good feeling” from Matt being in jail is sick, can we assume that this is really not a issue?

Quote “I hope you know you would rather have Matt Pitt in jail and release murderers, drug dealers, rapists, and gang bangers every day on bond. “

Quote “I do have a problem however with holding an innocent man.”

In simple terms TJ, this called a Red Herring Fallacy. This argument about “rapists and murderers” is a diversion from the point, and is much easier to argue than is the real issue. In truth the “No Bond”

argument is a bold faced diversionary lie, and I suspect that the Basement leadership knows this by now. Surely at this point you must know it is a lie as well. Did you even read the long letter I sent to you? I am

at a loss why you are repeating this lie as if it were fact.

I have addressed this in a letter to you TJ. I asked for a reply, and got nothing. I am tempted to post the entire text of that letter here for all to see, but out of respect to you I will opt to maintain our private

communication. Vince Lovell has continued to propagate this lie to everyone that will listen as well. It is wrong, inaccurate, inflammatory, and it really needs to stop.

Fact: Matt Pitt was arrested on the night of August 20th, 2013. He was arrested with a warrant that was issued on August 14th, 2013, which is six days earlier. The warrant charged him with a crime in

Jefferson County – Felony Impersonating. He was arrested near Vulcan and was taken to the Jefferson County Jail. He BONDED OUT OF JAIL just a few hours later on this new charge. His bond was set at

$15,000.00, and he was out of jail within hours of being arrested. This is so important TJ. The second arrest for Impersonating on August 20, 2013 is an allegation only. Matt has not been tried or convicted

for this offense, and he is technically out on bond awaiting trial for this new charge. Matt is considered innocent of this crime until proven guilty. MATT IS NOT IN JAIL DUE TO THE ALLEGATIONS OF THIS

SECOND OFFENSE. Here is a quote from the news article at


Quote “Pitt was released from the Jefferson County Jail just before 1 a.m. He was then picked up by Shelby County sheriff’s deputies where he is being held without bond.”

Matt is not accused of a new crime in Shelby County TJ, and the arrest in Jefferson County is not why he is in jail. Matt is in jail because his probation was revoked, and he is serving a one year sentence for a

crime he admitted that he committed. This article backs this up by saying “After Jefferson County issued the new warrant against Pitt, a writ of arrest was issued by Shelby County

authorities for probation revocation. The Shelby County District Attorney’s Office filed the motion on Aug. 14, the same day Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies obtained the felony warrant against Pitt.

In the newest Shelby County motion, prosecutors noted that Pitt pleaded guilty on Sept. 26, 2012 to attempting to impersonate a peace officer. He received a suspended 12-month sentence and was

placed on unsupervised probation for two years. As a condition of probation, Pitt was to obey all laws, according to the motion. New allegations against him by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the report

said, make him in direct violation of the conditions of probation.”

Matt Pitt is in jail tonight because he directly violated the conditions of his probation. He was given bond on the new charges. TJ, I have to tell you that a court has no choice but to believe someone when they

admit they did something illegal. Matt pled guilty, apologized, etc. Is Matt Pitt a liar? If he lied to the court and said that he did something that he really didn’t do, why should they believe him now when

he claims he is innocent? We can’t run a judicial system based on feeling and favorites. Justice must be equal, and honest. If someone pleads guilty to a crime they must face the same consequences no matter

who they are. Anything less is discrimination. In a fair system, nobody is special. Personal accountability for our actions is VITAL for credibility. I hope that Matt Pitts followers understand this eventually.

MATT PITT IS NOT BEING HELD WITHOUT BOND BASED ON AN ALLEGATION. Stop saying that, because it is a bold faced lie, and anyone with any common sense at all knows that.

TJ Quote “The fact is that Matt should not be held without bond in a county jail for such a sick accusation constructed to keep him in a cage with your tax dollars (4,000-5,000 a month) and get

away with it and unable to be released or even given a fair trial from a judge that looks logically at the evidence and hasn’t made up his mind before he even walked in the door to hear the case (keep

in mind I was IN the court room. Furthermore, if you try to say that Matt was convicted of a felony that is also false, because he was forced (by Mike Hale’s buddy and lawyer Curtis Gordon, who did not

even appear Matt’s court date) to plea guilty to a MISDEMEANOR, there is no felony.”

Wow TJ. I am concerned that many at the Basement are in for a shock very soon. If you think that you attended Matt’s TRIAL for the accusations stemming from the incident in Grayson Valley, you are

very wrong. What you attended was only a probation revocation hearing. Did you wonder why Matt’s attorney did not call any witnesses on Matt’s behalf? Could it be because he was NOT on trial for that


Matt will likely face a trial at some time for the new charges that were brought against him. I suspect that those charges will be felony charges, and the chances of a sweet plea bargain deal are not going

to look promising. Matt could easily face YEARS in a real PRISON for the new charges. If you thing the situation is bad now, I cringe at what could come next. For some reason no one at the Basement seems

able or willing to understand that the incident at Grayson Valley and Matt’s current incarceration are only casually connected. Matt violated the terms of his probation in ways that are almost mind boggling.

The four wheeler incident was nothing compared to his blatant disregard of the requests of detectives to simply TALK TO THEM about the incident. When you are on probation, you really shouldn’t refuse to

even TALK to a detective. I will be surprised if Matt doesn’t end up getting serious prison time for the last allegations. That can of worms hasn’t even been opened yet.

TJ Quote “Lastly, think on this, if Matt in fact actually HAD done something, odds are he would have been released already because currently everyone walking out of jail is guilty.”

That’s an irrational argument TJ. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Matt pled guilty. That’s proof.

TJ Quote “Pre-Trial Residential Release… figure that one out!”

If Matt is released from Jail early, and he likely will be, I would assume that he will be free until his court date. He has already been tried and convicted and is serving a sentence for one crime in Shelby

County. He has already bonded out for the new charges in Jefferson County. His new charges have not come up for trial yet. Since he is presumed innocent of these charges, he should easily get his freedom

once released from Shelby County. I doubt that they will even require an ankle bracelet since he is a nonviolent offender.

Quote “Matt should not cost Shelby County tax payers thousands of dollars a month for a judge and some old cronies to prove a political point or for whatever reason that they have him detained for.”

Matt is not “detained” TJ. He is serving a sentence for a crime that he admitted committing. I find it fairly offensive to accuse our elected officials of having impure motives and/or political reasons for

enforcing a sentence on Matt Pitt. Are you aware that charges of corruption are serious crimes that if  true, could result in federal charges against the Judge and the D.A.? I am not sure if you are aware, but

accusing a seated Judge of improper conduct is about as serious as it gets. I hope that you have some facts to back up your insinuations, since you could face real problems if someone decided to take action

against you for defamation. I personally am offended by the allegations that a seated judge would commit a criminal act without some type of evidence presented to prove it. I know the D.A. (Robbie

Owen) personally. He is a man of the very highest character. He is my friend, and he is more honest than anyone I have communicated with that is connected to the Basement. In my opinion you owe him and

the judge he serves a written apology for even suggesting that they are corrupt.

TJ Quote “Key points to remember in this case before you cast your own judgment.”

– Matt was given an honorary badge by Sheriff Mike Hale thru JT Smallwood – there pictures and videos of this event.

– Regarding June 15, it was a PELLET gun in the woods, no law broken by having one on a 4 wheeler in the wood

– Brandon Vessels has said under oath on the stand that Matt never said he worked or was a deputy  with Jefferson County, he was told to call someone to verify he was in fact Matt Pitt

– Matt was arrested TWO MONTHS after the alleged incident!! even escorted by county and city deputies and officers as we marched down to the lawn for the third consecutive year in downtown


Nobody disputes any of this, and it means nothing TJ. All are Red Herring arguments. The gun has nothing to do with this. Its about a BADGE, not a pellet gun. The fact that Matt was arrested two months

after the allegations shows just how much time the county spent trying to get Matt to cooperate with them and to AVOID having to arrest him. Matt refused to cooperate. And the march in downtown B’ham

– just curious, did anyone get a permit to hold a march? If no, why not?

It’s time to stop this crusade to Free Matt Pitt TJ, and instead work to encourage Matt to accept responsibility for his behaviors, work to restore his credibility through genuine repentance and

contrition, and let something good come from this disaster. Stop defending Matt and help him TJ. Please do what is right and HELP MATT PITT. Hold him accountable. Love him. Stick by him. Encourage him.

Visit him. But HELP HIM by looking truth in the eye, holding him accountable, being solid in your faith, and whatever you do DON’T DROWN YOURSELF trying to save a man that refuses to grab the life ring.

HELP MATT PITT. That’s what needs to be on a T- Shirt.

I love you TJ Hursh. Don’t doubt that for a second. Call me if you want to talk more. TJ



  1. Ah, yes – I can imagine water running off a ducks back after reading all of this

  2. Well written article – I’d love to read the first letter as well if you can post it. My patience is running out again after reading this article…

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