Posted by: reformbama | December 9, 2013

Matt Pitt’s Hearing

Before I begin let me remind you of this.

I could not help but laugh at the pitiful defense that Matt’s lawyer threw out there.
The laughable excuse for why Matt flashed his badge, again. No doubt there now. Proof of probation violation.
Once again I have to ask the cult followers of Matt Pitt “What SANE man gets another badge when he has been previously arrested and found guilty for misusing one?” And y’all let this guy teach you?
Back to that excuse.
Little testified that when Pitt showed Lunsford and Vessels his honorary badge on June 15, it was “an attempt to show the character of who he was.” He said Pitt only showed the badge after the two men kept questioning them.

Yep, Matt showed his character of being a habitual badge flasher.

You know Matt could have done instead of flashing a badge and implying he is there on Jeffco business, maybe this.

“Hey sirs, I am Matt Pitt and I am a pastor just hanging out here with my cousin. My life is kinda hectic and I just need to get away from my cult, um I mean my groupies, no um, my flock and unwind. The BB gun is to protect us from snakes. What church do you go to? Are you for Alabama or Auburn? You should come check out my cult, um I mean Basement. Do you know the Lord, let me introduce myself. You see where I am going with this. Unless you are a basement leader and one of the cult followers.

But no, he  “showed him a police badge and told him to contact Randy Schlitz with the sheriff’s department.” (Does Schlitz even exist?) He could have just asked Vessels to call the guy and waited for them to talk and clear things up. But Pitt just slinks away on his ATV.

Then there is this nugget from Pitts lawyer “Penn said the men should have been able to see that it was an honorary badge.”. She just told us that Matt knew/knows what HONORARY means. How did she do that you may ask.? Read again why Little said Matt showed the badge. Put 2 and 2 together, GET IT? That means Matt knew it was honorary the whole flipping time, and that he abused the badge. So his whining about his little oath and letter misleading him is a show.
HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING THE WHOLE TIME! There was no misunderstanding.

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  1. So he knew he was displaying an honorary badge (to show his good character), this is not what they were previously saying. The two guys there definitely thought it was a real badge… deception plain and simple.

  2. Hi, I first off wish to express that my comment is not from an angry or hateful place whatsoever. I fully respect your opinion, your belief, and your right to express it, especially here on your own blog. Thats a great way to do that. There’s a few things I would like to say to hopefully ease some of the tension. I ask that you read my response this with an open mind to the thoughts of others, that even while you may disagree with it, it might explain why others believe what they believe. I don’t say this to change your opinion, simply to help you understand that there isn’t hatred behind any of this.

    First, I agree with the intent behind most of your blog posts. Its not right to “worship” anyone other than God. Its not ok to praise someone or even their works. The intent of Christianity is to praise GOD, not a person or a community or a program. And people should not encourage someone for breaking the law. What I ask you to understand is that for a lot of these people, Matt is their friend, their husband, their pastor, and someone they look up to. I’m one of the latter. I have always loved listening to Matt’s speaking. Not because its Matt that is speaking, but because I enjoy the way God has spoken to me through him. That does not mean Matt is any better than anyone else. God has spoken to me through all kinds of people. But speaking from my personal experience God has used Matt a time or two to convey a message to me. I do not encourage breaking the law, and I do not believe anyone in the Basement does either. I think what has occurred is a great misunderstanding. I am a bystander to the whole situation. But even if Matt intentionally tried to break the law I would still be excited that he is preaching to the prisons and the people in them. I believe the beauty of Christ is that he accepts every single broken one of us in every shape and form that we may come in. And that means he’s going to accept people that have done some incredibly awful things. But he does not see any one of us as better or worse than the next. We are ALL beautiful in his eyes.

    Second, I want to communicate to you that the reason people have responded to you in the way they have or have not responded at all is because when it feels like someone is being attacked, it is hard to not respond in kind. I’m not asserting that you are attacking anyone by any means, but the perception they have is one of bitterness and anger and hatred. While I am not telling you that you are wrong for standing up for what you believe in by any means, I hope you see that it is unlikely that they will agree with you simply because you sought them out to tell them that they are wrong. Again I want to make clear that I only tell you this so that you understand and because a tweet of mine was responded to because I used the hashtag “freepitt”. I think it is important though to see how they might hear you, because where you see yourself as fighting a battle for christ, they have seen you as attacking them for something they believe strongly in. The people that work for the Basement and work in that mission field believe that God has called them to be a part of something great and powerful and wonderful. Can you imagine how upsetting it would be if someone sought you out and called you out for every mistake you have made and told you that all you have done is false preaching and sins? Thats why I don’t want to tell you that thats what you are doing is because no matter who you are, it hurts to be told that. Even if its not true.

    I also want to clarify the purpose of the Basement. From the beginning, Matt did not encourage people to see the Basement as a church. i remember him saying 6 or 7 years ago in a lesson that He wanted us to not take the basement as our church home because it wasn’t that. He asked us to be other places on wednesday nights and sunday mornings. He still has yet to plan any basement event on a day that will run into church events. Because the basement is not a church. it is a mission field. It is a bridge that will hopefully send people to a deeper understanding of Christ and his teachings. It is a celebration of God and his life. And yes it is very attractive to people who are not christians. Many people criticize the club atmosphere. But Is it the atmosphere of a club that we as Christians hate? or the sinful exploits of ourselves that take place there. If the basement were in a church and Matt was an ordained preacher would you say the same? Because other churches pervert the ideas of Jesus and are misusing the atmosphere of the church. What I am getting at here is that we should be able to worship in any environment that we are given. I personally have attended a basement service. The teachings and methods of teaching are exciting and attractive yes, but they also open my eyes to the depth of Christ. I think the beauty in the Basement is not the attractiveness. Its not the fun of the environment or the cool technology. What I love to experience when I attend is when the hillsong worship music comes on, or other christian worship songs and there are thousands of people standing with their hands up proclaiming that God is our SAVIOR and he LOVES us. Yes there are going to be hypocrites there, but no less than in any other environment. And the Love of Christ covers over all sins.

    Lastly I think the most important thing to realize here is that any ministry is going to be misunderstood, any leader of a ministry is going to say things that they should not have, and any person can misunderstand the teachings of the bible. I first want you to think of the intent of the people that work for the Basement. You have spoken before in your blog that they believe they are doing good works for God but even good intentions can have bad results. Well so if they are intending their works for good, but you believe there are negative results, then I think there is a better way to approach this. The ministry of the basement is formed by people who claim brokenness, and the truth in that is that we should all see that even the least of these in society’s standards are fully capable of preaching WITH GODS POWER IN THEM. not without. I am just as broken as any person that attends the basement or preaches at the basement or whatever. There is an attractiveness of learning from broken people. it is appealing to people that have never seen Christ before as welcoming to any kind of person. Maybe they are attracted by lights and music and the party atmosphere of the basement. But do they stay for Jesus? Do they stay because he is the Lord and Savior and it is good and right to love him? I’m going to tell you now that some of them stay because its cool to do so. Some of them stay and soon as they leave the basement will return to whatever sin they are a part of. Some of them will pretend to be all wrapped up in God. But there is atleast one person that God changed their life through the basement. And if there is just one person I fear that your words would cause them to stumble, either by defending their faith so strongly to the point of allowing hatred for your words to eat away at them, or by making them question why they believe in God if the people they thought they could look up to them were lying and cheating and being hateful and wrong as you claim.

    I write this to you to not attack you. Or hurt you. or even tell you that you are wrong. Its not my place to tell you that you are wrong, but you have consistently asked for a response so here is the response that I will give. I am not a spokesperson of the basement. I have not attended in years, not because I had a problem with the situation, but because I have not had time or I’ve made up excuses or whatever. I plan to become more of a part of the basement in the future because I like the ability to minister to broken people. But let me make this clear that as of now I have never had any responsibility or job within the basement. I am not speaking on behalf of the basement or any of its teachers, workers, worshippers, etc. I am speaking as someone who sees this conflict and is heart broken by the anger and hatred and violent words that are being shared from BOTH sides. I do not pretend that you have not been attacked. I’m sure you have, while I have not seen it, nor have I seen you attack anyone else, I’m sure both sides of this argument have said things not of God. Not because I get to judge you for what you’ve said, but because we are human. And Jesus would not have died for us if we did not need to be saved. For that reason i am positive that something I have said above is not from God. And I ask for forgiveness for anything that I have said that may hurt or offend you. But I hope you see that as someone who you responded to a tweet that i said, and maybe I misspoke in that tweet, but you were not a follower of mine so I have to assume that you sought me out to correct me in my mistake. I personally was hurt by that. Because your response to me was not loving or Christ-like. And I really don’t blame you because I’m sure your bitterness has come from reason. I would be bitter at some of the responses I’m sure you have gotten. But what I want you to understand is that your response to me at first angered me. Then hurt me. Because I’ve had so little to do with the conflict in the first place but I was lumped with a group of people that apparently you hate their teachings. My prayer is that you are able to take each individual person at their words. Because I did misspeak in my tweet. And I want you to not talk to the “freepitt” crowd. I want you to approach each individual person. In a private manner first. I am not saying that speaking out for what you believe in is wrong. But I think the BEST way to make people listen to you is by telling them that you believe they are doing wrong by loving them. Expressing your concern for the mistakes you believe they have made. I don’t ask you to love what they do. I couldn’t do that. i ask you, regardless, to love the people. As I am trying to do here, even though what you have said has hurt me and inadvertently insulted me. I believe that the reason the members of the basement have not responded to you is because they fear they can not do so out of love. I do not think they don’t have a response to what you are saying. I think they are trying to not further the conflict because they know they won’t change your mind. I am sure you could argue with me on what I have said. I could argue back but thats not the point of me saying this. i say this to help you understand because I can totally see where you are coming from. I can see how you may have understood all this. and its scary. But I hope my words have shown you the heart of these people. And that even if you still disagree with them I hope you approach them differently so they do not feel hurt as I did.

    To both sides of the argument. Hateful words in any situation, wether for right or wrong, are still hateful. If anyone is using this situation on either side to demean or insult someone else then they are wrong. It breaks my heart to see the word Of God used as a weapon in any sense against eachother. It was given to us to fight satan. Not God’s own creations. So I will leave you all with this. 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 1If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. 2If I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. 3And if I give all my possessions to feed the poor, and if I surrender my body to be burned, but do not have love, it profits me nothing.…

    • Hi Lainaker,
      I read your response — I too myself have been very critical of The Basement. It is our responsibility to hold one another accountable and to speak the truth. The bible calls for reproof. Without correction things just continue on as is. The problem within The Basement is that leadership are afraid to correct Matt so they continue on with narrative that Matt’s being unjustly dealt with – which is a whole other ball of yarn. I was involved there for 8 years before they banned me from fellowship for asking questions. Does that make me angry? I’m only angry about youth being led astray and God being dishonored because of it – they are not being dealt with honestly… on a personal level I have nothing against any of them personally, I don’t agree with them. I tend to get sarcastic when people put me off but God corrects me and I move on. If you love someone, tell the truth. They might not like you for it but I cannot help that. Other than that thanks for the post – maybe say some things about your take on the case if you have it in you…

      • Thanks so much for listening and I appreciate your response as well:) I unfortunately do not know enough about the case to speak on it. I know what I’ve been told but i haven’t talked to anyone directly involved with the case to trust any of the information. There’s some mistakes being made on both sides I believe. I think that is my point really. The only people that actually know what happened are the people that were present at the time. My position is that whatever happened happened… And the only thing that can be done now is move on. I am sorry your questions were never answered. And I don’t mean to defend anyone for any wrongs that have been said. I think my wish is that we can move on because both sides have said their peace and the other sides have shown that they are not willing to listen. From someone who is coming to the situation having not been a part of any of it, all I see is bitterness on both sides. It’s heart breaking to see so many powerful intelligent people so so angry with eachother. I simply am calling our attention to the fact that the enemy is the devil, HE has corrupted each and every one of us. I want us ALL to approach the situation and others with an attitude of how can we help one another, or how can we pursue agreement and understanding.

      • What do you make of the NBC 13 interview? Line up that type of action with leadership qualifications in Titus.

    • Wow, you wrote a ton. I am limited with time at the moment, and will take me a day or 2 to soak it in and respond.
      Two things about my correction to you.
      1. I did not seek you out, I just happened upon it.
      2. 140 characters do not allow you much freedom so my comment was short and to the point. I apologize for hurting your feelings.

  3. Another thing to keep in mind Lain is that the Basement at sundry times in the past has been a highly profitable ministry – they want to insure that it becomes that way again or at the very least stays where it is. I get the feeling that a lot of time they say what they do is because they realize that their potential patrons needs a certain level of Christian jive talk before they will commit the big $$$. If you challenge them or their ministry system they will not be much pleased. Though this may be a cynical perspective it isn’t wholly untrue. The profit motive figures very heavily in this ministry endeavor. That is probably a good reason for why they have bent and distorted the truth so heavily – they truly have something to lose if they cannot maintain this façade surrounding Matt. Matt at this point is not trustworthy. Officer Sharrit (I know this man, we went to high school together, he’s not a liar) testified under oath that Matt appeared intoxicated the night ran from police and jumped the cliff. But they refuse to address this – instead they cast blame on law enforcement and the magisterial system. This is the problem. And everything before it. Mark should say something because the people around Matt see him as the golden goose and they sure don’t want to have any part in correcting him. If you attempt to hold him, the leadership or followers accountable then you are being unbiblical? I say nay nay.

  4. Wow Lainaker. I actually read through all that you wrote today at lunch. I was very impressed with the way you presented yourself and the way you explained things. You are obviously very bright, very compassionate and a decent human.
    I really like to see people discuss things in rational ways. One of the greatest skills is to be able to discuss things we disagree about, while trying to understand the other’s point of view. Attacking each other is a terrible way to communicate, and I feel you clearly made that point.
    I can speak only for myself when i say this, but I do understand some of the frustration that ReformedinBama feels. I did not say that I agree with everything he says, I am just saying that i understand his frustration.
    I am 54 years old, and I have seen a few things in my life. I consider myself a supporter of Matt Pitt and of the Basement, although I have been openly critical of a few things i have seen recently. The reason that I understand Reformed frustration is because I have experienced it as well.In the past few months, I have called the Basement offices and requested a return call from Vince Lovell twice. No response. I have sent email and messages to Casey and to Ike requesting a conversation. Both have politely thanked me for the contact, but have communicated no further. I have known Missy since she was 10 years old. I did have the pleasure of communicating with her just this week, but it took a valiant effort to make that happen. She was very kind, but it is clear that she is wary of those that ae not intimately connected to the basement. I can understand that. I ahve also talked by message to several current basement members. Each has asked me the same thing – “PLEASE DO NOT TELL ANYONE THAT I AM TALKING TO YOU.”
    Secrecy, refusal to communicate, and the refusal to respond to inquiry or criticism is the reason that people are frustrated Lainaker. I am a Christian,. I confess Jesus Christ as Lord, and trust him for my salvation.. I am hardly the enemy. When ever a group of leaders stonewalls all outsiders, and orders their followers not to communicate with people that genuinely care, it causes great frustration and concern.
    Do you think I am over reacting? Try this – my direct phone number is 251-625-6477. Ask Vince Lovell or any other leader if they mind if you call me. See if they allow it. They won’t do that son. What they will do is lie to you and tell you that I have “said some bad things” about Matt. You can read the “bad things” for yourself at my wordpress blog barryswope, Be aware that I want to help Matt, and have made that clear. So please call me anyway Lainaker. I am a very nice and decent man, and I would enjoy talking with you about ways to help Matt and the Basement, I look forward to hearing from you.

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