Posted by: reformbama | April 27, 2014

Looking for a home church.

First thing if you have thin skin GO AWAY NOW! If you know me, you know I have ZERO tact. My words here may or may not be seasoned with jalapeno peppers. Shooting from the hip here. You have been warned.

I had thought I found me a church awhile back. The pastor is awesome. Solid. Knows what he is talking about. Not scared to preach the truth as one pastor at another church told me. My family and I never really felt comfortable. After the new of us coming wore off on the congregation I started feeling judged. I don’t wear a suit and my wife prefers pants. Not by everyone. So we just sorta eased off into never never land.

Since then, I have been in a stagnant place as far as looking for a new church. Way too long. It is always nagging me in the back of my head. Go find one and stay is constantly playing in my head. Deal with it. It’s hard to find a church because I have read beyond the LifeWay dribble and found there is more to church than a canned lesson. All SBC churches have to support the LifeWay machine. Lord help if you want to teach through the Bible and touch on election.
I have a high level of discernment which I wish I did not have. I wish I could have been a happy little ignorant congregant being spoon fed. I wish I could have been happy at the church in which I served for a long time started Purpose Driven Life.

Started looking at church websites tonight. They are all the same, only the names have changed. Pastors, on their church websites in the staff section, are bragging that they come from one of the fastest growing churches in ____________, and then say I am honored to HUMBLY serve you. What I think they  really mean is “I am just here til I get a little growth going more than the last guy and move on up the corporate ladder” Are they “selling” Christ or themselves?

More to come.

What a way to knock the dust off of the blog.

Keep in mind this comes from churches that I have experienced. So don’t get your panties in a wad and comment on here saying “We never do that! How dare you!”


  1. I am afraid that the day of doctrinally solid preaching is over. I can’t remeber the last message I heard that didn’t sound a lot like a pop psychology positive living pep talk. Jesus is a bit player. Comfort is and warm feeelings fill pews. I guess its hard to keep the doors open when you tell people things they don’t want to hear. Should we be surprised? I mean, we were told it was going to happen weren’t we? (2 Tim 4:3).

  2. Why don’t you guys go to Brook Hills……..and just go. Try not to over-analyze. Go into it with open eyes and an open heart. You won’t know until you try 🙂 And hey…….you might run into some familiar faces 😀

  3. Brook Hills too big for me.

  4. Just to clarify………we are in the same boat. Coming out of the FIC/VF movement…….and now we are searching for a different church, closer to home (the other one was an hour away). It’s not easy because our mindset has changed and we are jaded………VERY jaded. Especially since we were very close to the intimate inner circle of VF/NCFIC.

    BUT I totally understand what you mean. I wouldn’t feel comfortable there either……….and it’s hard to when I visit. I bite my tongue, ALOT! There have been times when I wished we had moved back, but that changed about 2 years ago sigh. I am glad we are removed from that ……but still miss our friends.

  5. Right there with ya.

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