Posted by: reformbama | April 28, 2014

Looking for a home church part 2.

One thing about looking for a church home is that you have to find a small group, if you like the preaching. It’s hard to find a small group to go to. If you are lucky they are not age segregated, and you can shop around a little bit.
And if they are hopefully they don’t mind you going to a different age group.
Because you know, in most churches, to be qualified all you have to do is want to teach. That is where the canned LifeWay material comes in. All you have to do is read to the class with minimum study on your part.
Hopefully you wont get stuck in this class.

More to come …


  1. I think you would like a church in the Presbyterian Church of America or the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Both hold to the Westminster Confession. The Orthodox is a little more conservative. If you are Southern Baptist check out Founders Ministries. They are 5 point Calvinist. When I was in college I went to a Founders Conference. That is where I saw Paul Washer. On the Founders Ministries website it may or may not give a list of Baptist churches, who are Reformed.
    I think any 3 of these you will like. The big deal breaker is what you believe on baptism. They are all very theologically oriented. Hopefully this helps.

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