Posted by: reformbama | January 20, 2015

Is John Piper In A Popemance?

John Piper makes Tweet, someone questions it, some shoots back at the questioners.

Can open, worms everywhere.

Not going to go into the whole background, go to Tweeter and search #the15. I can’t do everything for you.

Here is the Tweet:


That my friends set off a firestorm.
People are thinking Piper thinks the protestants are the same as Catholics or that he is in a Popemance.
Personally I don’t see the issue. It is a true statement. When you think of the Joel Osteen’s out there and all the other shysters out there then Da Pope makes sense.
Truth is truth, no matter who says it.
What about pastor’s that start at a small church and leaves that for a bigger one, then a bigger one…
With every rung equaling more money.

Now saying that John jumped ship over this Tweet seems ridiculous. I may be missing something.
That’s like someone that knows that I am an Auburn fan hears me yell Roll Tide because the Tide beat LSU thinks I
I am a Tide fan now.

I agree Piper has done some really questionable stuff, Ricky Boy Warren and Mark Driscol, but Piper wrote
a book about John Calvin so, like I said, don’t see a big issue with it.

I do wish John would clarify his statement, but I am not going to lose sleep on it, when there is a bigger issue at LifeWay.

Very busy of late so if you comment and I don’t approve it right away I am not blocking you.

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